Thursday, September 15, 2005

I Love Writing Prompts!

There's just something about them that really get my brain working and my juices flowing.

I've been in a bit of a slump lately - attributable to having to rewrite the beginning of Camilla for the ten billionth time in order to have a plausible reason for my H/H to live together for awhile.

Last week, in one of my writing groups, a prompt was posted. You wouldn't think it would be one that would get me writing - it was a list of 50 astronomical terms. Use as many as you can/want in your 500 word prompt. But I have a daughter who's crazy about dinosaurs... and her fanaticism got me to thinking. The little girl in my new 4,200 word short story is based loosely upon her. Some of the terms I used? asteroid, atmosphere, chaos, canyon, comet, dinosaur, disaster, fireball, fissure, Jupiter, labyrinth (though this was later edited out), Mars, meteor, orbit, speed of light, white dwarf, and young.

I had a blast. And it's the first thing I've written in a really long time that I like. It's running the rounds of one of my groups, and getting good feedback *phew*. Then it'll be polished a bit and submitted to an online romance magazine.

It feels good to enjoy writing again!

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SardonicHistrionic said...

Hello! Do you mind sharing where you get your writing prompts? Feel free to email me at!

I'm looking for some new writing groups!