Friday, September 09, 2005

Katrina's Four Footed Victims - still on my heart

More info on the pets affected by Katrina:

Pet rescuers race against time: On the flooded streets of New Orleans you can hear the dogs barking for miles. They are trapped -- in houses, on roofs, tied to porches. They are frightened and hungry.

The SPCA of Texas is doing a fantastic job: Rescue Effort Update:
Today, SPCA of Texas McKinney Shelter Clinic Manager, Nicole Powell, SPCA of Texas Animal Cruelty Investigator, Art Munoz, and SPCA of Texas McKinney Shelter Animal Service Officer, Colin Chilson, are trekking through New Orleans, going door-to-door in business and residential areas searching for animals left stranded by the evacuation of the city. As many have already seen, a countless number of animals are stranded in tree tops, on top of cars, on porches and in houses. has a great and very complete listing of shelters in the area, whether they are up and running and whether they are accepting animals. Also, they have message boards in place for folks trying to locate lost pets. From their site: This is a collaborative database linking information from the public and emergency response organizations and making it available to rescuers, victims, and volunteers. During the next few days, groups like the organizations listed below plus Maddie's Fund,, and more will be utilizing this massive, life saving search engine.

I know we've donated millions of dollars to help the victims of Katrina, but if you can find it in your heart and in your wallet, please reach out these poor pets. The Louisiana SPCA and the Texas SPCA are running out of supplies and need our help.

A HUGE thank you goes out to Texas for their help in sheltering both the people and pets of this disaster. They have truly gone above and beyond the call. Wonderful.

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Josie said...

Great post! I've been reading about the help pets are receiving and I hope they get all of them to safety. I live in Texas and the other day at the grocery store, someone asked one of the evacuees for her autograph. She was just floored!