Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What, When, Where, Why, How with Kimber Chin

Give a rousing "HOWDY" to today's guest: Kimber Chin!! Kimber is a fantastic author, and a gracious reader who gives away a favorite book each month on her site (here) and also posts pictures of men in suits! Hubba, hubba...

Okay, enough from me, let's talk to Kimber! She'll be around now and then today, so feel free to ask her questions if you have them.

What hero would you borrow from another author's series that would be perfect for one of your heroines?

I would love to pair Breach Of Trust's Anne with Baron Silver from J.K. Coi's Immortal series ( ). They are so different, they'd likely kill each other (even with Baron being Immortal) but wowsers, would it be a fascinating fight! Although Anne is quiet, she's a scrapper and if she's strong enough to handle Philippe, she could certainly keep Baron in line.

It wouldn't be a romance. No happy ending. Quite tragic actually. If they didn't inflict bodily damage on each other, they'd starve to death. I don't think either of them can cook.

When do you write?

I'm solar powered so I tend to take summers off to write. As you can tell from these answers, I don't make much sense during the winter. I get serious cabin fever. I also have to write while the hubby is away. He's a salesguy and quite chatty (like Hagen, my hero in Invisible). Challenging to get into the groove when you have a hunky guy hanging over your shoulder asking you if he looks like that vampire from Twilight (the answer is no – the Twilight vampire is not Asian).

Where did you last shop?

I needed green peppers for the hubby's favorite hot Italian soup tonight (email me at if you'd like the recipe) so I wandered across the street to the grocery store. In my pajamas. Without remembering to brush my hair. Of course, I met half the world while out.

Why do we smile when we're happy?

Because we're darn lazy. I read somewhere that it takes more muscles to frown than smile. When people ask me why I'm so happy, I tell them I'm not happy, I'm lazy. So next time you see a smiley person, think to yourself 'that lazy bum.'

How old were you when you had your first kiss?

Oh, twiddle, you would ask this. I was 20. Yes, 20. I turned 20, realized that I'd never been kissed, turned to my best male friend (who ended up a multimillionaire but that's a whole other story) and said 'kiss me.' He blinked a couple times, and then did. We 'went out' for a week and a day before I figured out it wasn't working (very attractive, smart man, but I bossed him around too much). Years later, I asked him why he agreed to my random request. He shrugged and said he had a weakness for redheads. To which I replied "A. I'm not a redhead and B. You're color blind so why would you care if I was?"

I kissed five other people before meeting my hubby at the ripe ol' age of 23. And that was it for my kissing adventures (with other men – again stories for another time).

Kimber Chin writes contemporary romances set in the sexy world of business. Why business? Because men in suits are hot, hot, hot! Don't believe her? Visit her site for her weekly photo of a man in a great fitting suit. An avid romance reader, she also gives away a favorite romance eBook every month.


MarthaE said...

Fun interview! Thanks Marianne and Kimber!

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What a fun interview! Love the kissing story. :)

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I liked this interview.