Saturday, April 04, 2009

Lions and Tigers and BEARS!

My favorite weather is bird-chirping weather. ~Loire Hartwould

Okay... only bears. But then the title wouldn't be so catchy.

Yesterday morning I awoke to a scene of carnage...

Apparently hibernation season is over... a little early. I don't typically start pulling my feeders in at night until DD's birthday, a couple weeks from now. But, it's been warmer, the snow is pretty much melted and apparently the bears are awake.

Thankfully, it only completely destroyed one feeder:

Though it took a big bite out of my finch feeder:

It very thoughtfully OPENED the suet baskets and took out the suet. The last couple of times the bear has gotten to my suet, s/he's destroyed the baskets. This time, they're still functional. So, that was nice.

In any case, now I know. Last year, I made it through the entire year without losing any feeders, so this is not an auspicious beginning to my season.


You Are Rosemary

You are stable and grounded. You may take a slow, steady approach to live, but you're a survivor.

You are an intellectual and very rational. You can see things from a logical, detached viewpoint.

You are successful but not particularly ambitious. You have a way of letting success come to you.

You tend to be a bit understated and modest. You let your accomplishments speak for themselves.

Mostly.. though I would say I'm ambitious but not particularly successful! LOL...



Dru said...

Sorry about the bird feeder.

You Are Mint

You are a honest person with a strong personality. Your frank point of view is refreshing.

You've been quite lucky in your life, though you have made more of your own luck than you realize.

You are engaging and disarming. You definitely have the "gift of gab!"

You live an edgy, dynamic life. Sometimes you get a little burned, but you always bounce back.
I'm a listener not a gabber.

Have a good Saturday.

Ceri Hebert said...

I'm basil, but I forgot to copy and paste.

Good morning bears! I hope my mom brought her feeders in. Her yard is a bear magnet too.

Hey, if I get addicted to Twitter I'm blaming you! :)

Maria Zannini said...

I am fairly fearless when it comes to animals, but bears scare me. They are unpredictable and fast.

Because hubby works as an emergency first responder, he sees a lot of photos and videos of different tragedies. The footage he showed me of very identifiable human remains found inside a black bear reinforced that fear.

Sarita Leone said...

That is just plain scary. I shudder when I think they come that close to your house.

Hope you have a nice weekend!

Tori Lennox said...

Man, I thought it was bad when the squirrels and blackbirds tried to get into our feeders!

Brandy said...

Um, your kitty stays inside, right? Poor bird feeder. I hope your others continue to be unharmed.
The quiz says I'm mint, but I don't talk much around others. I tend to be the "listener". *G*

Have a wonderful Sunday!