Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Living With Wildlife

Next time you have some weeding or a bit of pruning to do, start looking at plants and ask yourself: 'What made that hole in that leaf?' or 'What's living in that hole?' You start to look at your garden in a completely different way.” - Ken Thompson

Thanks all for your kind words regarding my not-so-good experience with Resplendence Publishing. I hope their non-response was an honest mistake, but I admit to finding it difficult to believe they misplaced three different emails.

I imagine I'll be overhauling "Return to Stiller Creek" a bit and resubmitting somewhere, but we'll see. It's one of those stories I've been messing with for so long, I dread returning to it. So, it'll sit aside for a bit first until it's not so fresh.

In the meantime, I'll be working on my fantasy and, most likely on "Drive Me Crazy" (if I could just get the two of them into the truck!). I'm desperate to get something finished again. It's too easy to get out of the habit of writing and submitting.


So... I've decided that living with wildlife is beyond frustrating. We all know my VOLE problem (still ongoing), but yesterday I took a walk around the estate (har, har) and discovered that the deer have eaten down ALL my hostas. To nubs. Sure, they're going to grow more because they've only just started coming up, but now that the deer have found them, any bets they'll be back?


And it's only April. What's next?


You Are a Ponytail

You are energetic, laid back, and a lot of fun. You are ready for whatever life throws at you.

Your idea of style is looking presentable. You prefer simple, well fitting, and neat clothes.

At your best, you are productive, inspiring, and full of live. You love to be active.

At your worst, you are hyperactive and frenzied. Sometimes it's hard for you to calm down.

Hmmm.... some yes, some no...



Ceri Hebert said...

It said I was a mullet. Greeeaatt

I'm facing the same thing, I'm dreading returning to do the rewrites on one of my wips. I've been trying. I WANT to do it, but whenever I open it up and start doing it I just feel like I've got a 16 ton weight on my back. Not a good way to work on a manuscript. I'm doing much better with my short story, and every time you mention your fantasy it makes me want to get back to mine. But need to finish the short first. Samhain may like it.

Dru said...

Sorry about the wildlife problems you're having. Are there solutions to the deer problem?

You Are Pigtails

You are fun loving, sweet, and cute. You radiate happiness and pure joy.

Your idea of style is wearing the things you love most. And you love colorful, happy things.

At your best, you are optimistic and open hearted. You find the good in everything.

At your worst, you refuse to grow up. You are very prone to daydreaming and fantasizing.
Some true, some not

Brandy said...

Sorry to hear about the dear. You can't catch a break with your garden this year. Sending good thoughts about it your way.
The quiz said I was a Mullet (ewwwwww!)You are a total character. You're quirky, unique, and there's no one quite like you.
Your idea of style is doing your own thing and defying expectations. You're eclectic.
(Yeah, NOT, I dress classically.) At your best, you are funny, observant, and a bit sarcastic. You see life's ironies clearly.
At your worst, you are a bit weird and creepy. People sometimes take you the wrong way. (Gosh, I hope not!)

Does a french braid count as a mullet? *G*

I hope you have a fantastic day!

Tori Lennox said...

ROFL!!! You Are a Mohawk

You are a true rebel. You enjoy flaunting your nonconformity.
Your idea of style is not fitting in with the crowd. You like to look unique.

At your best, you are creative and ready to challenge the status quo.
At your worst, you are surly and stubborn. You sometimes scar people.
Well, I have to admit that sounds like me to me. But a mohawk? Uh, no thanks. *g*

Hugs on the wildlife problems!!!