Monday, October 17, 2005

What Marianne Needs

I was bloghopping (yes, again... anything to put off trying to reconstruct all the different forms, charts, character sheets, etc that I lost this weekend) and saw this interesting blog challenge: Go to Google and type in your name and "needs" and list the five funniest things that show up. Since my brain is pretty much out of original thoughts right now, I thought I'd try this.


By far my favorite (just don't tell my husband):

The beautiful Marianne needs to be rescued. Marianne needs to marry a (fairly) wealthy man. It's not therapy Marianne needs but a dose of reality.

And, apparently this is all too true:

First, Marianne needs a new computer.

And, cripes! I hate getting tied up in knots, don't you?

Marianne needs some assistance getting in and out of her tight human knots!

Just in time for winter, I've discovered this little tidbit:

I can now report a scientific finding that's much more cheerful: Marianne needs at least 3 inches of snow to make doggy snow angels. She's not getting old, she was just somewhat snow-deficient.

And, well, everyone near and dear to me already knew this:

Marianne Needs Help

So, what about you?? Feel free to try this and share! I expect some funny comments, below, to help get me out of my "the *&^% computer lost all the stuff I need to live" funk that I'm currently slogging through.



Judy said...

Hi... did the "name needs" thing... and here's what I found for me :-)

1. Judy needs coffee. (They know me well!)

2. Judy needs its maintainer field correcting. (probably why I need the coffee)

3. Judy needs volunteers! (to clean the kitchen while she writes)

4. Judy needs no introduction. (TA DA!)

5. Judy needs help. (true enough)

6. Judy needs to speak up in class. LOL... my teachers used to scratch out the "whispers" on "whispers too much" in the behavior column and write "talks"... this one is definitely not me!!

7. Judy thinks if you want to get by, you need to be tough.

8. Who needs coffee when you’ve got Judy? (Hmmm... Judy needs coffee and she HAS Judy!)

9. Judy’s sin is pretty obvious. (ssshhh.. don't tell anyone)

10. I think Judy needs some hard labor - that might get her lips moving. (Judy thinks that writing is hard enough labor sometimes)

Anonymous said...

ok you don't know me but my name is marianne.i saw the thing for going to google to see "what marianne needs" and this was like the second option.i thought it was prett ironic


marinane said...

lol, I tried to google thing, and this popped up =] I guess there are more Marianne's then I thought!


Marianne said...

I tried this too and found this. The first one is very true!

marianne said...

this is too funny! i did the bulletin thing on myspace that said to google "marianne needs" and wow! there are lots of marianne's, but i was more surprised to find this page!

-another marianne

Marianne said...

And another one :)

Anonymous said...

We might as well take over the world :D

- yet another....