Friday, October 14, 2005

Fuzz Butt?

I'm preparing for NaNoWriMo, and my animal star this novel will be a ferret. He belongs to a pretty rough around the edges, blue collar guy who isn't likely to give him a sweet, meaningful name.

Since I am not a rough around the edges, blue collar guy, I'm wondering what an appropriate name for this ferret would be. My husband -- who IS a rough around the edges, blue collar guy who now has to dress in white collar clothes -- names everything by color or type (usually this is derogatory and typically abbreviations are used). My cat "Pogo" became "Orange", my sis-in-law's cats -- Tilly and Tubbs -- are RC1 and RC2 (stands for "rat cat one" and "rat cat two")... well, you get the idea.

Aside from calling the ferret "rat rat" which is what my hubby would probably call it, I'm stumped.

Fur Face?

Fuzz Butt?

Any ideas? Hey... send 'em along and I'll include you in the acknowledgments when the book is pubbed.


Charity said...

My husband had a ferret in college (kept stealing his keys and hiding them behind the dresser). I'll ask him what the little critter's name was.

Mystic said...

Hey there - its me Mystic from WVU - maybe this will get be back into the writing routine? If not - atleast I'm writing something! :-)

My husband and I've had 3 ferrets since we met 12 years ago. The first one we rescured from an abusive (mainly neglect) home. They had names if Kaboda after the tractor because they can get into anything! We changed that to Meryln since we love King Arthur and the round table and our ferret was a girl.

Our second set we names Jonathon and Fletcher for the birds in Richard Bach's Jonathon Livingston Seagul. They were a pair ok!

Mystic said...

Oops, Forgot to mention I'm leaning towards Fur Face

I think fur face fits well for your rough edged buy - my husband used to call ours Numb Nuts on occasion. :-)

Marianne Arkins said...

So... Charity & Mystic -

I can hit you guys up when I need some insight into ferret behavior? I've never owned one, only participated in their lives through a friend who had two. They are the cutest things!

You'll be hearing from me, I'm sure.

Mystic said...




Judy said...

Hi... Are you still looking for ferret names? My husband's late wife owned 22 of them! Will send you names and some of the stories I've heard about them. One thing I do remember... they liked Cheerios for a snack!

Marianne Arkins said...

Judy --

YES! Send me names, regale me with their antics. Anything you can think of that is cute and/or annoying.... please!

Judy said...

Hi... some of the names were: Quasimodo (Quasi, for short), Esmerelda (Esi), Sandy, Mr.T, Sasha, Taz, Bandit, Teddy Bear, Pepper, Sabrina, Sammie, Prisila (Prissie), Andre, just to name a few of them - There were 21 in all.
They all had a different personality - Quasi was the leader, and liked to reguarly dish out a nice little fight to another of his choosing every day to show this, Sandy thought she was Marilyn Monro-- when you picked her up she always threw her head back like she was tossing her hair (she was also a little rolly polly) Teddy Bear was something like a gang leader to her twin Bandit, and Pepper used to go after other ferrets to steal their treats. The males were the funniest - when a new animal would come in, their tails would poof out and they'd bow up and start bouncing around backwards, tossing their heads about. Andre was the grandpa, acting just how a grandpa would, and sleeping all the time. They all literally had their own personalities like a human would. They also all loved to steal things : remotes, coke cans (knocking it over in the process!) And they generally hid all of their food, get what they want then run off with it to eat.

Hope this helps. Any specific questions..let me know.

Mystic said...

Hi there

Just a quick note..while I'm thinking about it and have a minute....I recently met a guy who has a ferret.....him and his girlfriend have named her: Molly McFerret. I thought it kind of catchy.