Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Today was a busy, busy day.

Breakfast and getting dressed and ready for the day.


Errands (LOTS of errands that were some distance apart from one another).

Tear down the veggie garden and dig up all the root crops (it's finally NOT raining here... well, it wasn't when I was outside, but did just start sprinkling).

I had the bright idea to move my daughters school room from the spare bedroom to a cubby behind the master bedroom (originally, it was supposed to be a reading nook for me, but instead became a place to pile stuff I didn't have any place for). In order to make this shift, I had to clear out all of the aforementioned "stuff". I figured that if I piled it on the bed I'd have to finish cleaning it today so I could sleep tonight.

I also wanted to clear off the desk behind my computer and straighten out the laundry room in the basement so I'd have someplace to hang my clothes to dry during the winter since I can't use my outdoor line.

Ain't gonna happen.

I am so freakin' pooped from digging potatoes and pulling out tomato cages, dead cucumber plants, pooper scooping, etc. that I have no energy left.

This is what I'm facing:

All the taters and carrots we dug up along with a last few cucs (not to mention the dirty dishes from this morning):

All the "stuff" from my nook that I put on the bed:

My messy second desk:

And the laundry room (some of this will be a breeze -- the bird feeder for the winter and all the stuff I've purchased to send to "my" soldier in Iraq -- but some of it's just crap I don't know what to do with, but don't want to get rid of):

Please understand, I'm a good housekeeper and my home is usually quite neat (just ask my friends who think I'm a lunatic about the house), so this is really, really bugging me.

If you have the formula for some spare energy, would you send it my way? Please?

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