Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Dog Groomers...

I took my dog to the groomer yesterday. Not a huge event, though I only do it twice a year and handle the in-between times myself. She has arthritis, and typically can't walk well for a couple days after being groomed.

This morning, she can't even stand. So, yes, I feel guilty as heck... but that's another story.

What prompted me to write this morning were two "huh?" episodes yesterday. The groomer where I take Bailey is about 45 minutes away in Nashua, NH. It takes a few hours for her grooming, so I decided to kill some time at the nearby mall which has a really cool, two story Target with an escalator thingy that will take your cart up and down, too. My daughter, who loves escalators anyway (it's a bit like a ride at the fair for her), thinks that's just amazing.

So, we played on the escalator and the elevator a little, then I remembered I needed cold medicine for her, so I grabbed a box and checked out.

The cashier carded me. Picture me puzzled. I asked her why? Well, for the cold medicine, of course. You know -- the medicine I'm going to give to my six-year-old daughter. She can't buy it, but she can drink it.

This was very strange. I did some research, and discovered you can use it for drug manufacturing or some-such, and I suppose if you drank twenty bottles, you could get a bit of a buzz right before you threw up ... but I still think that's a little extreme.

Maybe that's just me.

The other odd thing happened on the way home. My mom is in need of a new vehicle (new to her, anyhow) and a guy in Nashua had one for sale in her price range, so we decided to swing by. He said it was parked in a business lot and gave us the name - I'll call it "Jane Doe's". I saw the sign and pulled in, noticing the rest of the business name in smaller print: Psychic Studio.


The car's fenders were completely rusted -- no way Mom would be buying it.

Shouldn't he have known that? Sheesh, he could have saved us the trip...

Anyway, I'm facing a day of possible snowshowers and a dog that can't stand up. She's not a little dog, folks, and weighs about 85 lbs. How the heck is she going to pee?

I'm a bad mom... guess I should have let her stay dirty.

My writing? It's going well enough. I have the first few chapters of my NaNo book outlined and am counting on getting about half of my words done in the first week, so when I hit the wall I have more time to work out the kinks.

Man, I'm totally insane to try this.


Ceri said...

Ah, is it Doris's or Dolores's Psychic Studio? I know the one. LOL.

Charity said...

Just checking. How’s Bailey this morning? Hope she’s okay. Toby also has weak back legs from arthritis and sometimes forgets he’s not a young dog anymore.