Tuesday, October 11, 2005


First, because it's all about me, Me, ME I'll say that I'm disappointed that I didn't final in the last contest I entered. I just saw a list of the finalists a couple days ago, and my name wasn't there... I have to admit, I checked a couple of times, just in case things had changed (LOL). Still, I'm hoping that the feedback will be worth my entry fee (it was one of the more expensive contests I've ever entered - shhh... don't tell hubby).

Second, I've been bloghopping (yeah, again) and took a peek at Larissa Ione's blog. For those of you who don't know, Larrisa was hit pretty hard by the hurricane - in fact there were a bunch of eBay auctions set up as a relief fund for her.


On her blog she indicates that the Red Cross has failed miserably in their relief efforts - at least where she is. She also linked to another blog, Writeminded, who indicated that (and I quote): "The Red Cross should expect donations from the people in Southeast Texas in the future when hell freezes over."

Very, very sad - especially considering that most relief fund drives (including little kids and their lemonade stands) were sent to the Red Cross. I commented on Larissa's blog - this is what I said (with some updates from this morning):

I won't donate to the Red Cross - ever (UPDATE: Check out This news article). Two reasons:

1. Their CEO gets WAY too much money (Salvation Army guy gets something like $35,000 a year - poverty wages). UPDATE: I just found documentation on charitible salaries on Forbes.com that indicates the head of the Red Cross earned $$651,957 as an annual income in 2004.

The head of the Salvation Army apparently makes only $13,000 a year. Who, of all my readers, could survive on an annual wage of $13,000? But he does it, and the SA is always right there in the trenches.

2. My grandfather served in WWI with the RAF - and said that when the soldiers got in from skirmishes or flying raids or whatever, and went to the Red Cross tent for coffee - they were charged for it. CHARGED. Un-freaking-believable.

I will NEVER give any money to the Red Cross. I only wish there was somewhere else to give my blood.

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