Sunday, October 30, 2005

It's a Love / Hate Thing

Charity, despite her vitriolic response to NaNoWriMo participation, is still a friend whose blog I read regularly. Her last entry is all about "The Name Game", a fun activity that I had to steal.

Actually, I did this fairly recently with "Marianne Needs", but swiped Charity's new verbs to see what would come up in Google:

Marianne hates the sea and wants to go dance in the town.

Right on both counts. Though I love the sound of the ocean, I get horribly sea sick. I happen to love to dance, and would adore an invitation to the ball.

Marianne hates rejection.

But Marianne is a writer, and so must become accustomed to it.

Marianne hates the destructive effects of violence, and gets upset about events like plane crashes and terrorism.

Well. Duh.

Marianne hates the smell of creosote smoke almost as much as the goblins'.

And I can't seem to get rid of those blasted goblins, no matter what I try.

On the flip side, nothing seemed to work:

Marianne loves to Look at the life-size and half-life-size watercolor illustrations of all kinds of shells.

Uh, nooooo....

Marianne loves and marries Brandon.

Just don't tell my husband (extra points if you know what book this comes from).

Marianne loves the rock(music, not the wrestling dude) and to skateboard.

Actually, Marianne loves country and dancing.

Marianne loves to play the piano and her brother is looking into purchasing a new one for the home.

Gee, and Google blew the surprise.

Anyone else up for the fun? C'mon, I only have two more days until NaNo and then I won't be able to waste time on this kind of stuff.

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