Thursday, October 27, 2005

My Teenage Heart Goes Pitty-Pat

A friend of mine from way back (let's see... we met in October of's October 2005...counting on fingers...mutter...mutter... carry the -- We've known each other for TWENTY-FIVE YEARS. How is that possible when I'm only 16?) emailed me the other day and mentioned that (ka-thump, ka-thump) Rick Springfield was returning to General Hospital!

I was so in love with Rick. He was my first concert when I was sixteen (I still remember what I wore: peg-legged, acid washed jeans, pink blouse and my pink/blue/yellow striped leg warmers... I was stylin'). I bought all his albums (even went back in time and got "Beginnings", "Comic Book Heroes" and "Wait for Night" ... none of which are available on CD except "Comic Book Heroes" and it's going for $75! Holy Smokes!)

On a side note, I worked on the outline for my NaNoWriMo book this morning and fleshed Liv and Mike out a bit more. But now I'm wondering if I can give her some kind of old teenaged crush, and then fashion her wayward fiance after that person to give her an additional reason why she's so fixated on the loser... come to think of it, my last serious boyfriend prior to my husband looked an awful lot like Rick Springfield... huh...

Guess I'll be setting the old TiVo to General Hospital on December 2nd, just for old times sake.

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