Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Welcome Guest Blogger: Michelle Cary

First I want to thank Marianne for having me back to guest blog again.

Now let’s get down to the topic at hand…Organization.

One of the first questions I get when I start talking to people about my writing is ‘Where do you find the time?” I’ll admit it’s not easy and many times, I fail miserably at one thing or another. Usually it’s stuff like forgetting to take the laundry out of the washer and put it into the dryer before falling asleep. Or, on occasion I’ve been known to let the dinner dishes sit in order to get a scene down before I lose my muse.

I’ve been lucky in that my hubby is a musician and completely understands my need sometimes to put aside housework for writing. He gets the fact that if I don’t put the idea down then I could lose it. Now that’s not to say we live like slobs. I may not be June Clever, but I’m not one to live in filth either.

So, in order to keep my life spinning in some sort of order I do my best to organize. That’s gotten harder since I’ve returned to work, but it’s still not impossible. Here’s just a few of the things I do. If you’re like me and need time to post your blog or do a little internet promoting, why not set your alarm clock ½ hour earlier, and spend that quiet time marketing? Maybe you’re one who can’t eke out the time to write because housework is consuming your day. I say recruit your family to help. It doesn’t hurt any child to do a few chores and in the long run they might have more respect for you if they see everything you’re responsible for in a day. Almost every night after dinner, my two kids pitch in to clean the table and dinner dishes. It’s time spent together and work gets done faster, thus giving you more time for your muse.

Don’t be afraid to schedule some time for your writing, or really, whatever else you might want to do. If you schedule it and make your family honor the schedule, you’ll be less stressed, and more apt to spent extra time with them doing fun family things because you’ve had the time you need to accomplish your goal.

I say if it’s important to you, then you owe it to yourself to get organized, and make the time for you and whatever it is you want to do. You and your family will be happier if you do.


You can learn more about Michelle at her website.


Sarita Leone said...

Great post. I enjoyed reading it and I agree with you about organizing time to do all that you love. With a little bit of planning, everything can be squashed into a day.

Well...except for dusting, I guess. That can always wait until another day. ;-)

Judy Thomas said...

Hi, Michelle. I really enjoyed your post. I know sometimes I think I "don't have time" but when I look at my day.. I'll have minutes here or a half hour there I could be writing or doing something else constructive. Personally, I need to get more diligent about snatching those times and writing.

Dru said...

Great post and everyone can use a little organized time.

Maria Zannini said...

You need to get the family behind you—and what better way than to put them to work. LOL!

Good tips, Michelle.

When I first started writing, my husband would grouse about the time I was spending on the computer. We finally had a "come to Jesus" meeting and told him I was serious about this profession. He was going to have to get used to it.

Once he understood how important this was to me, he actually went out of his way to keep the house quiet for me and to give me some space when I was tackling an especially difficult chapter. He's my biggest supporter, and I'm grateful.

Diane Craver said...

Thanks Michelle and Marianne!

Great post. I waste time so good to be reminded how I need to get organized again. Glad your husband is so supportive - what a blessing!

Have a great day!

Brandy said...

I'm not a writer, but organization is a topic that can be useful to anyone! *G* Thanks for the post.