Friday, July 11, 2008

Facebook, Fungus and 'fessing up

No road is long with good company. ~Turkish Proverb

So... I joined Facebook. Yep. Cuz, yanno, I didn't have anything else to do. If you're on Facebook, feel free to friend me. Here's my page. It seems that Michele now owns me as a pet. She's a good owner, because she bought me a crab. I'm not sure what that means, but there you are.


Now... to answer a few questions from the last couple of days:

Jen - "Return to Stiller Creek" is with a friend, waiting for an eyeball. And then, yes, it'll be ready to submit. Soon. That's also the one I'm considering for HQ, but am on the fence.

Allie - I believe that the woman on the "Kitchen Matches" cover is making a salad. Though I would guess that's not where her attention is *G*.

Jen - Yes, Micah can cook. It's what he does for a living. Cori, OTOH, um... I'm guessing even dishwasher salmon is beyond her skills.

I think I covered it all. I'm trying to get in there and start commenting in the comments, but sometimes I just forget. Sorry!!!


RE: Writing and reading... so here's the thing. I haven't written much about my writing because I haven't written much.

And, I haven't written much about reading, because I haven't done much of that either. Most of my time is taken up with the LASR website and a side job that I do for, yanno, modest income. The rest? I do things like play board games with my daughter (who is the person sacrificing the most because of my busy-ness).

Something has to give, and the only thing I want to give up is the only thing that puts food on the table (albeit, not MUCH food). Or, maybe it's that I don't use my time as efficiently as I can.

I've actually lost free time with the end of our school year, because DD isn't busy every afternoon. Dakota doesn't help, either, because she's oh-so high energy.

But mostly, it's just the other stuff.

I love working as the LASR webmistress and reviews (and advertising) coordinator (and woman of many other hats). I really, really do. But there are days... oh, there are days... when I question my sanity.

I think things will be better once winter arrives. And, I can't believe I'm saying that.


We released two more butterflies yesterday: A boy and a girl. There are two more ready to pop today. That will leave me with one in the dill box, and four in the parsley box. I'm ready to be done ... and yet, just about the time the swallowtails are done, the monarchs will be here.

Worse, I discovered that there is a bacterial infection (a fungus among us) carried by monarchs (I know that at least one of mine last year had it, because he died as a pupa with all the symptoms) and you need to check for it, if possible, before releasing your butterflies so that you don't make things worse. Unfortunately, I don't have a miscroscope, so I'm going to have to try to do it with my eyeballs.

Worse, if they have it, you have to destroy them. **sigh**

It's a cold, cruel world.


You Are Hot Sauce

You are the life of any party, because you're so good at bringing people out of their shell.

You have a knack for helping people happily embrace their true selves.

You are ambitious, driven, and fearless. You love taking risks.

Your taste in food is 100% adventurous.

You're up for sampling any exotic cuisine or someone's kitchen experiments.

You live for trying new things, and you get sick of eating the same food (even if it's very delicious).


Dru said...

That makes me sad that you have to destroy the butterflies if they get the infection, but to save the species you must.

I wish there was more time in the day for you.

You Are Mustard

Your personality is strong and distinctive. You are beyond quirky.

You can stand alone in the world well. You are a strong individual.

You sometimes work well with others, as long as there aren't any other strong personalities involved.

Your taste in food tends to be simple yet high quality.

You can really get into a perfectly prepared sandwich or simple fresh salad.

You get along best with ketchup and barbeque sauce personalities.

Get you with a salsa personality, and things might become downright nasty!

Have a good Friday.

Melissa said...

I find it so hard to write in the summer. I'm struggling myself trying to get pages done so you're not alone!

Amy said...

Summertime writing is getting easier now that I'm getting up earlier (I'm slowly trying to turn myself into a Morning Person), but it's still hit or miss, depending on the day. Things will settle once school is in session again and we're back to a schedule.

Sad on the Monarchs. Will you be involving DD in the process of checking?

Tori Lennox said...

I'm Mustard, too.

Welcome to Facebook!!! *evil grin*

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

You Are Salsa
You are an extremely outgoing and vivacious person.
You are quite tolerant and open minded. You rather accept people than judge them.
Adventurous and unpredictable, you have the reputation of a daredevil.

Your taste in food leans toward very spicy and exotic dishes.
Whether it's thai food or an extra spicy mexican meal, you're into the hot flavors.
You get along with hot sauce personalities. Everyone else, not so much.

Brandy said...

Oh, no. Sorry to hear about the infection. It must be so hard to destroy something you've helped live.
Also sorry to hear about the lack of writing time. I hope you find some time soon.

And I am barbecue sauce. *G*

I hope you have a good day!

Mel said...

A butterfly mercenary? Hmm, might be a good idea for a book. :)