Sunday, July 13, 2008

Questions Answered!

I'm such a dork... I keep forgetting to answer questions. I'm going to do my darnedest to reply in comments after today, okay? Cuz, I hate it when I go to a blog and feel like MY comment is ignored.

So, without further ado--

Dru asked (in regards to the yellow jacket nest): What does spraying and putting the grass back on do to the nest?

Spraying will hopefully kill anything that comes in contact with the poison, and putting the grass back keeps them from being able to escape easily. I checked yesterday, and nothing buzzed when I wiggled the grass so it seems to have worked.

Amy said: I'm a nudist!

That made me ROFLOL... thx. :-)

Amy said (in response to my comment about the Monarch parasite): Sad on the Monarchs. Will you be involving DD in the process of checking?

Yep, she will. And, the "good" news is, to kill them, you just freeze them. I would imagine it's fairly painless and I don't have to get bloody. Still, it's breaking my heart ahead of time to think about destroying something as lovely as a Monarch. **sigh**

I think I got them all, but if I missed you, I'm sorry. I'll do my best to stay on top of things from now on.

Have a lovely day :-)


Amy said...

Glad DD will be involved. It's hard for our compassionate children to learn these lessons, I think. 9 would be beside himself in the same situation.

Brandy said...

Any hints on getting rid of slugs without putting out Seven-Dust? I don't want to put that down because of the strays and the kids.
Glad to know there is a humane way to "stop" the Monarchs infected.

I hope you're having a peaceful day!