Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sunny Saturday

The caterpillar does all the work but the butterfly gets all the publicity. ~Attributed to George Carlin

Caught two more voles yesterday -- bringing my total up to seven. Covered all the holes, and then last night when I brought in the bird feeders, found three new holes.


They are truly never-ending. It's very discouraging. I do try to live with the wildlife, but these critters are truly trying my patience.

In other wildlife news, Pillar Place 2008 hatched another butterfly today -- the last of the named ones: Bubs. This time I managed to get pictures.

On the edge of his tissue box condo:

And on the yarrow:

It took an hour or so of sitting on the flowers before he felt strong enough to fly -- he cut it close, as the sun was beginning to set and they need the warmth to fly, but fly he did, strong and high into the trees for his nighttime rest.

Only 24 more to go. Of course, I did see a monarch (my first) yesterday, so monarch season should be starting soon.


I did do a bit of writing yesterday. I've struggled the past couple of days, determined to polish up an existing manuscript, unwilling to start anything new because I have these others that only need editing... and could NOT get anything done. I'd all but decided I didn't have any writing left in may. My writing days were over, done, caput.

Then, late last evening I went ahead and gave myself permission to tinker with a sequel to "One Love For Liv" that I've been moodling. And I wrote. It was a lovely thing.

Maybe I'm not quite done writing yet. Phew.



anno said...

Great pictures! Better still, though, to hear about your new inspiration: a sequel to Liv's story!

Sounds like a great day. Hope you have another one ahead of you.

Allie Boniface said...

Ooh, a sequel: that's exciting!

Ceri said...

What a beautiful butterfly!

I was tinkering with my Sweet Forever sequel. Gave my heroine an Australian Cattle Dog named Zorro.

Have a terrific day! I'm off to the in laws.

Dru said...

oh wow, he is simply beautiful. Isn't it amazing to see them bloom and fly away.

I'm glad the writing flowed out of you the way it did. You were meant to write.

Have a great Saturday.

Amy said...

Taking the pressure off yourself will really free up your creativity. And then it sort of becomes this self-fulfilling, circular thing, feeding on itself and sparking more creativity. Okay, that was muddled, but I'm in a Potato Salad coma. There are no more left-overs. That's all I'm saying.

Welcome to Bubs the Butterfly!

Can you reuse the boxes for the monarchs? Are you starting to bring in the Monarch pillars?

Hugs on the voles. Are you marking them? Are these all new ones?

Brandy said...

Bubs is beautiful! I learn so much about butterfies here. *G* Sorry to hear about the appearance of more voles. Sounds like a colony.

Good news on the sequel to One Love for Liv!

Have a good day!