Friday, July 25, 2008

Tornadoes in NH?? Seriously?

Weather is a great metaphor for life - sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, and there's nothing much you can do about it but carry an umbrella. ~Pepper Giardino

As we recover from crazy storms, and my DH heads up to Alton and New Durham to see if his brother and uncle still have lake camps, I'm finally sitting down to breakfast (granola with blueberries, in case you wondered).

Yesterday the weather was absolutely nuts. Tornadic-type activity (they haven't decided whether we had "real" tornadoes or not, but the damage sure seems to indicate that we did). Thankfully, my town was spared, but a town just a few miles over was hit really hard (and sustained the only fatality). We had HEAVY rain and strong winds, but nothing catastrophic.

In between downpours, I went outside to gather some veggies for dinner (I love being able to do that) and I made the mistake of glancing at the milkweed. The wind had bent some of it over, and I saw... yes, you guessed it: a monarch pillar on a leaf that was shredded.

The skies were black, the storms were coming... what else could I do but bring him in. Um... him and five of his friends.

So, yes folks -- the second half of Pillar Place 2008 has begun.


DD gets her stitches out late this afternoon. Thank heavens...

She's not healed yet, but getting there. It'll probably be another week or two before she's back up close to speed. Thank heavens. She is going NUTS.


You Are a Rainbow

Breathtaking and rare

You are totally enchanting and intriguing

But you usually don't stick around long!

You are best known for: your beauty

Your dominant state: seducing




Judy Thomas said...

Glad the worse of the storm missed y'all... and keeping my fingers crossed for the fish camps.

I'm glad Twin is getting her stitches out. I can't imagine the bottom of my feet being out of commission. She got the worse of our being twins, for sure.

My weather identity:
Beautiful yet dangerous
People will stop and watch you when you appear
Even though you're capable of random violence

You are best known for: your power

Your dominant state: performing

Judy Thomas said...

I forgot to say WHAT weather identity I was...blame the blonde roots...I'm LIGHTNING (sounds like a superhero....hmmmm)

Dru said...

Wow, I didn't think NH would get tornadoes. Amazing the way the weather is all screwed up.

I hope all goes well the DD and her stitches. I bet she'll be happy once she can be on the move again.

You Are Sunshine

Soothing and calm.

You are often held up by others as the ideal.

But too much of you, and they'll get burned.

You are best known for: your warmth

Your dominant state: connecting

Happy Friday.

MaryF said...

We had tornadoes in SA yesterday, too! Dolly decided to whip us with her backside. They were small and no one was hurt, but we haven't had a tornado here since...1988? 1989?

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'm glad you all are okay, and I hope that DH's family's camps are in one piece.

Briana said...

I am Lightning as well Judy.
Sorry about the "tornadoes" Marianne. Glad that DD is getting out those stiches, I remember as a kid getting stiches on my knee, and on my hand. They aren't fun. Also, you are such a sucker for the butterflies, it is so sweet. My DD would just love to come to your house when you have all the pillars, she adores butterflies. Her school has been doing what you've been doing, she stands fascinated as they emerge.

Ceri said...

I'm Rain.
You can be warm and sexy. Or cold and unwelcoming. Either way, you slowly bring out the beauty around you.

You are best known for: your touch

Your dominant state: changing

That was crazy weather over to the northeast of us! We just got a lot of rain. Looks like more storms for the next several days. Such joy.

Glad your DD got her stitches out.

And kudos to you for rescuing those pillars. You're a good person.

Brandy said...

I knew your heart was too big to leave those pillars out there! Glad to hear DD's stiches will be out today! YAY!
Happy to hear y'all were spared with the weird weather.

I am Rain in your weather quiz.

Have a terrific Friday!

Melissa said...

Hugs on the weather. Good to hear about the stitches coming out too.