Thursday, October 26, 2006

Written in the Stars

Goals are dreams with deadlines. ~ Diana Scharf Hunt

Since Charity has been reading her horoscope lately, I decided to check mine out today (from Yahoo):

Today, you need to cut out whatever is holding you back in your life -- clean house.

CLEAN HOUSE?!? Oh... wait. They mean that figuratively. Phew...

A little fire in your belly helps you attack a new task with vim and vigor. This astrological influence gives you the ability to really see the long view, which whets your appetite for the current challenge.

I see NaNo in all things -- so this is telling me that I'm excited about this project! Woo! Though I didn't need the stars to tell me that.

Yahoo allows you to flip ahead a few days to read, so I went on up to November 1st -- NaNo's first day -- just to see what it had to say:

Creative writing is a gift everyone has -- and it's something you should explore.

Oh... I'll be "exploring" it all right!

Boundaries dissolve under this dreamy astrological influence. You find yourself questioning what it is you want to achieve and why. Once this period is through, your goals will be more firmly in place than they ever have been.

Hmmm... questioning my goals on the first day of NaNo is not a good thing. BUT, having them firmly in place is.

Still, I think I prefer my Humorscope instead:

More trouble with that annoying "bluebird of happiness" today. With any luck, the cat will get it.

What do the stars hold in store for you?


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