Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Locks of Love

We did it!

DD before:

DD after:

Me before:

Me after (please ignore the wrinkles and lack of makeup):

So... DH says I look "weird" and that I've looked the same for so long, he doesn't know what to say. This means that we women shouldn't keep the same hair for twelve years... LOL...

I like it. If I can work with it, I'm keeping it.

See, I did something nice and it worked out for me, too. DD OTOH is not so thrilled, but wanted to do a good thing.


Tori Lennox said...

I think both of you look great! :)

Judy said...

you look great... and I love DD's hair... so cute!!!

Charity said...

So cute! Both of you! DD's hair looks a lot like Kyra's does now from the back, maybe a touch longer than hers (she's growing it out too).

Good for you!

Allie Boniface said...

Way to go...I have students who donate every year and I think it's a fantastic cause. If my hair actually grew past my shoulders, and if I had the patience, I'd do it too. Give your daughter 2 thumbs up for her sacrifice (oh, you too. Tell hubby he'll get over it - change is good.)

anno said...

You both have beautiful hair--what a wonderful gift.

Personally, I think your post-"sacrifice" picture is gorgeous. I love the curls around your face. DH will figure it out in a day or two.

Cheers and applause for both of you!

Ceri said...

I love it! I wish I had curly hair. And your daughter will get used to it. My daughter's is about that length.

Glad you went through with it. When mine grows out I think I'll do the same thing. I wish my hair grew faster.

iwkqrq-I will kick quirky rotten quiches

darcy said...

I like it. You look sassy!

I hope your darling (and very charitable) daughter feels better about hers soon. I'll bet it's cute ;^)

MaryF said...

Wow - you look adorable!