Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Help Me and Win!!

The heroine in a current WIP (Olivia Leigh) owns a swanky salon and health spa in Boston. Right now, I'm just calling it The Spa because I couldn't think of an appropriate name. I still can't.

So I'm offering a bribe to you for help. Win this Halloween tea light holder when you Name That Spa (I'm giving away the teal holder with the bats on it - brand spanking new):

Send me your suggestions to - please put "Name That Spa" in the subject line - or leave a comment on this blog post and I'll pick a winner on Wednesday, October 18th. That gives you a week to think of a truly amazing name.

Here are some of the spa specifications:

    • They cater to a very upper class clientele
    • It is quiet and peaceful, with the impression given to each client that she is the only person there.
    • Each client is left with the impression that they are the single most important client at the spa.
    • They offer full day appointments, complete with healthy lunch and limo ride to and from the spa.

Please. Send. Help. I'm desperate.


MaryF said...

Oh, man, those are SO cute! But I'm no good at naming things....

BSJ-rom said...



Skip Life: Rejuvenate


Sail Away Spa Retreat


Lashings of Sunshine



hmmm, ok I'm struggling now. Good luck.

darcy said...

How about Choyez-moi? It's French (or at least Babelfish French) for Pamper Me.

Pam said...

Liv Well

Love-Leigh Day Spa

Perfectly Pampered