Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rats, Liberation and Publishing

Write a novel if you must, but think of money as an unlikely accident. ~ Pearl S. Buck

In light of Allie's discouragement last week, Charity has located and shared some great articles on why we shouldn't allow our desire to get published to kill our love of writing. Interestingly, both articles were by my hero, Jenny Crusie, which not only makes them valid, but also fun to read.

The first, A Writer Without A Publisher Is Like A Fish Without a Bicycle: Writer's Liberation and You, is all about the fact that not being published means that you're not a writer. This is a must read.

The second, Rats with Islands, was printed in a past RWR. Read it. Seriously... it's fantastic. I remember thinking that the first time, and I'm glad Charity found it for me again.

I feel like an infant in seeking publication. Charity has been writing since her son was born -- and that's been many years. Mary mentioned on Allie's blog that she's been trying this whole writing thing for twelve years! I've only been doing it seriously for about five. I'm not sure if I should be encouraged or discouraged by their stories. I do know this: Charity and Allie are two of the most talented writers I know (I'm sure Mary is, too, but I haven't read any of her stuff!). I know that they'll hit the right combination eventually and I'll hold one of their books in my hands.

Honestly, I think the same of me.

Just call me a rat with an island.


Ceri said...

Well, I'm a rat working on a sandbar. Excellent article. Thanks for sharing. It definitely encourages me to keep going. After all, I've only been in it seriously, for about 6 years or so myself.

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anno said...

Great links today - they sustained me through my entire morning breakfast and coffee ritual. I need to graft the J. Crusie pieces to that part of my soul that keeps asking me why I should keep trying. Thanks!

Ashley said...

Hi! I found your blog listed on Author's blog.
I really enjoyed your post. The links were wonderful.


MaryF said...

I need to dig those articles out, too. I'm in a slump ;)