Monday, October 09, 2006

Get Thee Behind Me, Gerund!

"Every single word that I publish I write at least six times." - Paul R. Halmos

I received edits for my story at Wild Rose yesterday. All in all, not so bad.


My biggest problem is gerund overuse. I had a contest judge tell me (and then proceed to show me on my entry) the same thing. I thought I'd made myself more aware of it but apparently I just don't see them.

Many of my sentences are constructed thusly:

She stepped inside, entering the house.

She put up her hair, twisting it to the side.

I do this again and again and I'm not entirely certain why. So I need to go fix them -- maybe not all of them, but many of them.

The good news is that there really weren't that many other edits suggested. Yay.

Out, out damn gerund. Out, out I say!


Ceri said...

Well, I dread seeing what I have in store for me with Finally Home and Sweet Forever. I bet they're going to hit me at once with them and I shudder to think of the work involved there. As long as they don't come in November I'll consider myself lucky.

Just one step along the road to being published. *sigh*

ijnlb-I just never led blindly

Tori Lennox said...

Looking on the bright side, you're not alone. *g* I do that ALL the freakin' time!!!

gcztcap - golden cats zap three cows at Patsy's

Marianne Arkins said...



szuugl - Solitary zebras usually use giant locks.

anno said...

Gerunds, schmerunds ... they liked the story! After the journey you've made to write this story and send it out, this is a hillock, a bump in the road. Small potatos. You're going to be published.

Plus, it's true: everyone needs an editor sometime. Everyone.