Friday, October 27, 2006

Time... or the Lack Thereof

How long a minute is, depends on which side of the bathroom door you're on. ~ Zall's Second Law

My husband advised me that he's working from home today. I had set up today as "craft day" at grandma's for my daughter and had looked forward to spending most of the day alone (I love to be alone). *sigh*

Worse, his desk is only a couple feet from mine and he can't work unless he CRANKS the music. I can't work unless it's quiet... so I imagine that working on my editing is out (sorry D), though I'm going to give it a try.

I took a glance at my calendar this morning and noticed that both the novella that Jenny Crusie wrote a new story for ("Santa Baby") and the final book in Nora Robert's latest trilogy are being released on October 31st. That's simply unfair when I have NaNo starting the next day and have already realized that my reading time is going to be slashed.

Then I realized that I had the copy of "Lover Awakened" sitting on my desk that I purchased the day it was released and then forgot about. I wonder if I can read that before November? I've heard that Ms. Ward does something hinky in this book... am I going to be angry? Has anyone else read it? I don't mind spoilers... I've already admitted to the fact that I read the ending of the book first. I'd love some input.

One of my writing groups is planning to dissect the Womans World romance stories in December because several of us have written for them, and we want to try to figure out just exactly what it is they're looking for. I know, for me, each subsequent submission has gotten closer and closer. I figure I'm going to hit the nail on the head very soon, but it should be interesting. And it'll be something to look forward to after NaNo -- that doesn't require writing. I imagine I'll be a little burned out... though, as I recall from last year, I felt a little lost when I finished. Not burned out, but lacking a goal or a purpose. And I wished NaNo would start again in a month.

It appears that I'm boring you all to tears lately with my gabbing. I wish I could present something deeper or more interesting, but as I've said before, I'm having a hard time focusing on anything but the upcoming month.


anno said...

Not bored at all, just momentarily overwhelmed and exhausted. Still trying to gear up for Nano.

Good luck working with your DH at home. I'm always happy when mine can avoid his hour-long commute, but his presence definitely alters things.

Tori Lennox said...

I'm not bored. I just can't come up with anything intelligent to say. :)

And, no, no NaNo for me, thanks all the same. Too much stress!