Sunday, October 29, 2006


This nice and subtle happiness of reading, this joy not chilled by age, this polite and unpunished vice, this selfish, serene life-long intoxication. ~ Logan Pearsall Smith

My daughter needs help. No... not that kind. Sheesh.

Last night she asked me if I had any interesting books she could read. I asked, "Why? Don't you have a bunch of books from the library?" But she's already read them, and is bored with the books she owns.

I am soliciting suggestions for books appropriate to a seven-year-old who reads at an eighth grade level. And no books with bratty kids, please. They annoy me.

Here are some of the books she's already read:

The Boxcar Kids series
The Bobbsey Twins series
The American Girl series
The America's Diary series
The Prydain Chronicles
The Betsy-Tacy books (Thanks C!)
The Magic Treehouse series
The Animal Ark series
The Nancy Drew Notebooks (she's too young for regular Nancy Drew)
The Chet Gecko Mysteries
The Horrible Harry series
The Mandie Mysteries
The Redwall series
The Black Stallion books

As you can see, I love series! This is because I don't have to read all of the books first, just one so I can get the flavor of it and make sure it's okay. She's easily spooked by things, so scary books are out. She's read probably another 200 books outside those I've posted, but you don't have time for that.

I'm looking for books you remember from when you were a kid. I gave her a copy of "Black Beauty" because it was my absolute favorite along with the Prydain Chronicles.

She reads fast and constantly. And I can't keep her in books! ACK!


anno said...

This is a tough one -- so many books for advanced readers deal with more mature subjects as well. You might take a look at the Chinaberry catalog for suggestions. My daughter was in love with D'Aulaires mythology books at that age, also folk and fairy tales from just about every country. Some of her favorite books are still Andrew Lang's Fairy Tale books.

Despite my best efforts & the fact that it was my all-time favorite book growing up, my daughter never liked Anne of Green Gables, but that might be a possibility for yours in the near future. Maybe also the Trixie Belden series? Good luck!

Tori Lennox said...

What about the Trixie Belden series? Trixie's about 13/14 years old, so they might not be too old for her. I'm not sure. Has she read the books by Edward Eager? They're very good fantasy books. That's all I can think of without more caffeine. :)

anno said...

Also, maybe check some of the homeschooling sites, like Sonlight or Oak Meadow for direction.

Charity said...

I’m so glad she liked the Betsy-Tacy books. They were some of my favorites. I’ll keep looking around. I thought I had a list bookmarked, but the links have vanished. If she’s exhausted Magic Tree House and Horrible Harry, I’m at a lost. Andrew definitely likes “boy” books, but if I see something that crosses over, I’ll let you know.

Ceri said...

I loved the Little House series, but if she's reading at an 8th grade level she might be beyond them. One of my favorite books is called Constance by Patricia Clapp. I read it in 7th grade and again and again and again.

If she likes horse stories another of my favorite series is the Bonnie series by Barbara Van Tuyl, there's 5 in the series.

Also books by Jack O'Brien, like Silver Chief, Dog of the North were wonderful, oldies but goodies. And another of my favorites is Island of the Blue Dolphins.

I'm sure there are many more....

Ceri said...

Dream of Jade by Lloyd Alexander.

Did you have the Chronicles of Narnia series?

Chris said...

If Anne of Green Gables ends up not appealing to her you could try L.M. Montgomery's other series - Emily of New Moon. It's more romantic.