Monday, November 27, 2006

Yes, I'm Procrastinating...

If you don't typically read Tess Gerritson's blog, you should.

A few days ago, she wrote an entry entitled: Why Self-Published Books Fail. Though she wasn't exactly slamming those who choose to self-pub, I think she was very realistic. And she got hammered by some folks who took exception to her opinion.

Saturday, she wrote another entry as a rebuttal that is a must read for those folks who think writing a book -- a publishable book -- is easy. It's entitled: Writers and Desperation.

Go check it out if you're procrastinating like I am!


Ceri said...

Thanks for getting me off track. Clever ploy!! Kidding. Interesting blog though. I wonder how e-publishing fares in all that. I REALLY need to get something to submit to a print publisher for a change.

And my Nano project ain't it....

back to writing.

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Allie Boniface said...

Great blog & I think she's right on about the "apprentice" period involved in being a writer. It is far more difficult than most people dream. But then again, aren't most things that are worthwhile?

Thanks for sharing-