Tuesday, November 28, 2006

NaNo Day Twenty Eight - The Walls Close In

You're not going to be a writer someday. You're a writer today. Discipline yourself to write and take time to enjoy writing. Do it a lot. Have fun with it. Begin now. ~ Jack Heffron

I think many folks think that exact phrase: I'm going to be a writer someday. What many don't understand is that they may not be a published author, but they are or can be a writer right now, at this very moment.

I'm a writer. And most days, I love being one.

Just a couple more days and NaNoWriMo (and NaBloPoMo) are over, done, fini. I want a do over. I want to plan better, choose better, write better than I did this past month.


Next year will be better. I learned a ton from this years NaNo, what to do, and more importantly what not to do. I also know that I could do this on my own if I really had the impetuous to do so. It's all about the deadline -- they are a good thing to help you keep your eye on the goal.

I'll finish it up, I'll have practiced my craft, I'll have created some interesting characters that I need to find a good home for and I'll have learned, again, that I write best under pressure. The discipline that is required by having to sit my butt in the chair every day and produce something is wonderful. I love that part. I just need to remember to apply that same discipline all year 'round.


My writing friend, Allie, has had a novel accepted at Virtual Tales. Her bio is up at the VT site and I'm so ready to read the story. She's a very talented lady. Why don't you hop on over to her blog and check it out!


Though my intention is to write more today -- in the hope of hitting 50,000, thus far I've written 1,779 words so my grand total is:

48,245 / 50,000


Ceri said...

I can't wait for November to be over!!!!!

Interesting... I think I spent more time planning this year's Nano project than I did last year but I did worlds better with last years story. I wrote it knowing that I had something that I could actually publish. Almost from the get-go I felt that this years story was going to end up in a lonely file somewhere on my harddrive.

I just hope next year I can come up with something marketable.

But its been fun.

tsrse-today shall rise seriously energized

Charity said...

I keep checking to see if you've managed a super-secret afternoon writing spree. You're close!

anno said...

You are almost there, girl! An inspiration!

I'm still plodding along, way behind you. I might make the finish line, maybe, by the end of NaNo next year.

Allie Boniface said...

Terrific job - and even better all the things you've learned in the process! I still can't wait to meet this hero...and his new heroine!