Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NaNo Day Twenty-Two - Doubt Sets In

There are no short cuts to any place worth going. — Beverly Sills

This has been a rough NaNo for me... last year I really liked my story. My H/H were great for each other and the story was goofy enough for me to smile most of the way through.

I don't like my story. It's BORING. The H/H have no spark for each other. It's not fun. I know, I know... I'm the one writing it. If it's boring, it's MY fault. If the H/H haven't got a spark it's because of MY writing. Despite what we always say as writers, the characters are NOT alive, I created them, and what they do is what I've made them do.

But, I think they're going to end up friends instead of lovers or soul mates. How is that possible?

Still, I really, really, really like my hero. I think he's going to move out of Podunk and find himself a woman somewhere that's a better fit. Maybe next NaNo, because, yes, even after all this angst and drama and frustration, I fully intend on doing NaNo again next year.

In any case, I'm struggling through because I like to win. I hate to lose. So I'm marching forward...

In other news, I have the release date of my Wild Rose story: December 1st. I'll post a link to it then. That's only a week from this Friday. Woo! I'm telling you, these were absolutely the nicest, most responsive people I've known. It was a joy working with them.

I'm liking my Yahoo horoscope today:

Your brisk and decisive action earns the respect of people who count (and one of them just might be you). Now that you know what you're capable of, dare to let yourself do your own thing more often.

I'm off to do my own thing.


Today, I used my writing time and my characters to practice writing sexual tension. Whether it was appropriate to the story or not remains to be seen, but if I'm going to continue on this thing then I'll make it a learning experience.

I wrote 1,943 words on my NaNo novel today. Maybe I'll get some more, but for now, my grand total is:

38,063 / 50,000

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anno said...

FWIW, I think you're doing great, and I like your idea for using your characters to practice showing sexual tension in your scenes. I sure hope those words got added to your count for NaNo...

Enjoy doing your own thing -- Happy Thanksgiving!