Sunday, November 26, 2006

NaNo Day Twenty Six

I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward. - Thomas Alva Edison

The walls are closing in, the month is ending and my book is not... but that's okay! I spent the day yesterday thinking about the kind of heroine my current hero needed and think I've got it figured out. So I'm introducing them today. Yes, in my current book and yes, my old heroine is in there, but she'll just have to step aside for a while. I want to see if my new lady and hero get along.

I realize that I probably won't use these scenes in the actualy story, but I'm interested in seeing if they click. I thought that the original H/H would, I planned them that way, but she was far more neurotic about her past and what people would think about what society considered an inappropriate relationship than I thought she would be. And no matter how hard I tried to force her back where I wanted her to go, it wasn't working.

So she's outta here and lady-in-waiting moves up into her spot. This heroine is several years older than the hero, just like my last one BUT she wasn't married before and doesn't have a daughter near the same age as the hero, and I think it'll help. Plus, she and the hero have a "past" of sorts -- not a romantic one, but they did know each other many, many years ago.

All the other characters are staying the same including the chickens, but I'm moving the setting to New Hampshire because I don't have to be in a college town now and that's good.

Ah, the joy.

I will finish this story... and leave it hanging for a new one. Technically, for NaNo, you're supposed to actually end your story to win. But, what if you get 50,000 and you aren't done? I think it still counts.

I think I'm going to wrap up the current one by resolving the romantic issues of my secondary characters who will be involved with one another in the next story that has my H/NH (that's "new heroine) in it.

Man that's complicated...


So, we successfully killed a tree yesterday and it's in the garage waiting to be put into the stand. We'll decorate it today and DD will be thrilled. She told me that she likes to come downstairs in the morning and just sit under it.

She loves Christmas with every fiber of her being, and it's not just presents... it's everything. The music, the stories, the decorations and the overall celebrations. She is filled with an amazing amount of joy for Christmas. It's so neat.


I've written 2,090 words so my grand total is:

44,100 / 50,000


Ceri said...

Well, thats an interesting concept, introducing another character for the romantic "lead'. I kind of like it.

We're supposed to end the story to win Nano?? Oops. I don't think that will happen unless I suddenly fast forward about 6 months and have my heroine's baby born. But what about everything that happens in the meantime, just gloss over it? I didn't finish last years story at the end of November, but I hit my 50k.

We're trying to figure out where our tree is going to go. I'm so not ready to put it up. I'm generally not ready until about the second week in December. Yeh, I'm no fun. But I do love the tree and the lights and the music. I guess Christmas gets too stressful with trying to figure out what I'm going to get everyone, and how I'm going to pay for it.

Now we're off to our second Thanksgiving feast. More dogs maybe. I hope they leave them at home.

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MaryF said...

Wow, that is complicated!

I finished my story, but it needs serious fleshing out. SAdly, it's the only book I finished this year!

Tori Lennox said...

I'm slowly getting into the holiday spirit. I've got the Christmas music station on Sirius on almost non-stop now. :)