Friday, November 17, 2006

NaNo Day Seventeen

Don't tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I'll tell you what they are. - James W. Frick

People are nuts. Seriously. Uh, folks... there are people starving out there, wars, folks being murdered. Bother. Okay, all done preaching, but really, get a life. A real life, not a virtual one.

I have a confession to make: we don't own a gaming system and probably never will. We've been told that not having a system is "abusive" to our daughter (and, yes, it was said by a person who was absolutely serious). What a waste of time. Instead, I have a DD who reads like a maniac in her free time. Building her brain instead of turning it to mush.

Oh, wait, I said I was done. Now I really am.

I got my final edits for the story at Wild Rose Press. I had a little blip about the Logan Airport that needed fixing, but all-in-all there were very few changes suggested. I'm officially up at the coming soon holiday stories page w-a-a-a-a-y at the end (Now That We've Found You), though my book cover isn't there yet. I'll keep you posted!

I finished the possible story for Womans World, though I'm on the fence about sending it there or to Wild Rose Press. It's about 250 words too long for WW, and yes I can cut some, but ... oh well, we'll see. If it's going to WW it needs to go very soon because it's an Easter story.

I did a lot of work on NaNo yesterday, will do some more today for certain. My H/H are about to get busted smooching. I'm almost 30,000 words into it and no one knows that they're considering a relationship. Yet.

C'est ma vie.


It's time for the other folks in the house to arise, so I have to stop working for now. So far, I've written 2,701 words!

My overall total is: 32,180 / 50,000


Charity said...

Abusive? You're kidding me. Okay, full disclosure. We have a gaming system. No, Andrew does not play it all day long. He also watches TV. Gasp!

Seriously, he likes lots of things, computer chess, imaginative play, drawing, movies, games, and so on. It's a balance. It's probably more difficult to pull him away from the visual things than it is Kyra, but that's just the way it is.

But not having a system, especially if your daughter has no interest, isn't an issue. Or shouldn't be.

Tori Lennox said...

People ARE nuts!!! Thinking not allowing your daughter a game machine is just plain insane!

You're doing great on the writing!!!

Allie Boniface said...

OK, here's the thing: every single day, I teach teenagers who are unable to focus on any one thing for longer than 5 minutes. I am convinced this is directly linked to the fact that they spend the majority of their time playing video games or chatting online or listening to music while also looking up something on the Internet, with everything in front of them changing every few seconds.

Your daughter, on the other hand, has developed the ability to actually focus on something--reading--for a long period of time. Which means she can develop depth of thought. She can consider. She has learned how to read on and wait, patiently, for the payoff in terms of climax or conclusion or revelation of character or whatever. She is miles ahead of most of the US kids who need everything in their world to change, in technicolor, every few seconds or so. No patience, no focus, no analytical abilities.

My best friend has 2 sons, ages 3 and 6. Her mother wanted to buy them video games last Christmas, telling my friend the games were good for the boys to develop hand-eye coordination. My friend's response?

"So is throwing and a catching a ball in the backyard."

anno said...

Ditto everything everyone has said so far. Abusive? Huh? People are crazy!