Sunday, November 19, 2006

NaNo Day Nineteen

"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all." - Dale Carnegie

I wrote next to nothing yesterday. I can fill this blog up with a dozen excuses, but not one of them would be a good reason. Mostly, I just didn't feel like writing. So, I made sure I got up early today to write. I've been up for an hour and haven't written a word.

What is wrong with me? *bangs head on keyboard*

I finished my Womans World story, but haven't posted it anywhere for nits because I haven't been nitting my groups posts this month because of NaNo. BUT if I don't get this story out soon, it'll be too late. So I'm agonizing... should I send it out without another pair or three of eyeballs? Should I wait until NaNo is over, post it and then hope it gets to WW in time? GAH!

Part of my reluctance to write is this simple fact: my H/H are great friends! Woo! But there really isn't any sexual tension between them. Oh, I've had them smooch a bit and whatnot, but it seems forced and unnatural. I think I do sexual tension pretty well in most of my stuff (those of you who've read it are free to say otherwise -- or free to stroke my ego. Whatever!), but it's sorely lacking.

So... do I just work through this novel with them as friends as a basis for another novel featuring Kate and Pete? Do I see if I can ramp up the tension and make this the novel I'd originally envisioned?

Guess I'll just head on over to Word and see what comes out of my fingertips like I have all along. I really do love my hero, but I'm just not entirely certain that he and the heroine are right for each other. And, if I'm not sure, then there's a problem.

Good news on the NH Nature Watch in our backyard... DH saw "our" doe and her two yearling fawns yesterday on the way home from hunting (Yeah, ironic, isn't it?). Gunshots have been ringing out in our "backyard" (I'm loving this overuse of quotes thing today...woo!) -- we have a couple hundred acres behind us (not ours, but seamlessly hooked onto our property) that hunters use regularly, and I've been worried for "my" doe and her babies.

Hunters can only take antlered deer now and my hubby had no luck yesterday (yes, this is me dancing for joy), but nearly ran down "our" doe on the corner of our street. I asked him if she stuck her tongue out on the way past.


I've written 1,196 words!

My overall total is: 34,036 / 50,000


anno said...

Look at you -- less than 16,000 words to go! Just keep going... wait until you've made the finish line (and you ARE going to make it) to make any drastic decisions.

Charity said...

I'd give it a read, but I'm probably the last person to offer feedback on a WW story. My brain simply doesn't work that way. But if you want someone to go over it for typos or whatever, send it my way.

anno said...

Shoot... I meant to offer to take a look, too, but then I got lost looking for an e-mail address. If you still need someone, let me know. Good luck!

Marianne Arkins said...

Charity and Anno -- Thanks for your generous offers! I may take you up on them...

Judy said...

M... add me to the list of people willing to read the story. If it's in an email, I'd be more likely to make a comment or two than over at TT.

As for your NaNo book... keep it up. You don't know what might develop and, even if the romance doesn't spark between them... look at how much you've done to know them for the other book you're contemplating. Like Anno said... you are almost there. Don't worry right now about where it's going... just enjoy the journey.