Thursday, November 16, 2006

NaNo Day Sixteen - Stuff and Nonsense

See, the human mind is kind of like... a piñata. When it breaks open, there's a lot of surprises inside. Once you get the piñata perspective, you see that losing your mind can be a peak experience. ~ Jane Wagner

I'm saving all my creativity for my writing today, so you get a few announcements and a quiz instead of my wildly entertaining prose (*snort*).

It's American Title voting time again. Go forth and vote!

'Echo Maker' Wins National Book Award for Fiction - Who knew?

And, for all you children of the 80's -- Here's a quiz for you (be ready for some serious flashbacks and music that will run through your head for hours).

The Think you remember the 80's? Test written by jahazarak

My results:

Thank the great god Balki! You scored 28 out of a possible 30 Accuracy Points, and you earned an extra 10 Bonus Points!


I was hoping to reach 30,000 today, but haven't even come close. I had problems this morning with focus -- do mainly to my DD getting up at 5 a.m. and then going back to bed, then getting up, going back, getting up, going back... and always needing something from me. This happened about every ten minutes -- and has put me in a rather foul mood as I really desperately need my own time in the morning. Grrr....

This afternoon has gone better, and today I did great! I now have 2,462 words for Day 16!

My overall total is: 29,479 / 50,000

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Tori Lennox said...

Well, you already know how I scored on the quiz. *g*