Saturday, September 02, 2006

Miscellanea Online

Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book. ~Author Unknown

I got about 2000 words written over the past two days on my latest story. I need to get this finished and out the door before the end of next week and I still need another 4 - 5000 words (I'm guessing - that's probably about how many it'll take to get my characters out of this jam, into another and then back together again).

I've been puttering around on the Wild Rose Press website, and have discovered lots of cool stuff.

Did you know that they have a weblog?

Or forums?

And the editors write some great articles called In The Greenhouse?

And there are interviews with various editors In The Garden?

I know, maybe I should spend less time scoping out their website, and more time writing, but it's been fun. And I can't seem to stop.

For instance, Miss Snark is having fun with the crapometer this weekend! Woo! I think that one of my writing friends sumbitted to this, but am not sure since she didn't get back to me to say so (Yo. D. Didja?), but regardless it's going to be both educational and humorous.

And, over at The Wet Noodle Posse they're interviewing one of my favorite folks: Charity. And, as if that isn't enough, check out their Top Ten list, Living Well and Stuff to Make links. It's a lot of fun over there!

All right, enough is enough. I got words to write (and yes, Judy, that was indeed more bad grammar, just for you). Oh... hey, speaking of Judy, go to her blog and congratulate her.

Have a great day!


Judy said...

Thanks for the plug (and for the extra grammar exercise ;-)). I can't believe I did it, but I submitted the first page of Lizzie to Miss Snark. I closed my eyes, hit the send button, and then went... "what am I thinking of????"

Tori Lennox said...

WTG on the writing!!!

nrfvhl - no rides for victory hall losers

darcy said...

Oops, er, sorry. I didn't hit the send button until about 5 till 5 ;^) Didn't matter anyway, my nuber wasn't picked. Oh well, I'm learning a lot from reading her comments.