Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I Take Some Paper in My Hand...

"All writers are discontented. That's because they're aware of a potential and believe they're not reaching it." - William Saroyan

I finally (FINALLY) figured out how to get my heroine where I need her to be in a long short story I'm writing. She's really, really mad at the hero so I needed him to do something amazing for her to get her out of her funk. And, for two weeks, I haven't been able to think of what that could be.

Yesterday I thought of it -- with a little help (thanks, Mom).

Now I can't wait to write it.

I had a friend yesterday imply that she only has one good book in her (and if I missed the mark on this, friend, forgive me). As a writer, I can't imagine that any writer only has one good book in them. Talk to anyone who writes: they see possibility everywhere. Ideas shoot out of the woodwork and bonk them in the head: "Write me!!".

Now, the question remains: Do you write the book?

I have a pile of binders on my bookcase with ideas that I've thought of. I jot down as much as I can think of: plot, characters, scene ideas, whatever. And then I file them and go back to what I'm currently working on. But there are always other books or stories to be written.

Most writers I know don't know which story to work on. It's seldom a problem of "I don't have any more ideas... I'm empty." but instead "I have so many ideas bouncing around in my brain, which one do I write first?"

That's not to say that they are all "good" books or stories, but with the sheer volume of the ideas, there must be at least one that could be good, doncha think?

As good a writer as this friend is (and, IMHO, she's stupendous), I imagine that anything she applied herself to would be good. Including all the other ideas she's got bouncing around in her brain.

What about you? Do you have dozens of things that demand to be worked on? Do you complete one thing at a time and then move on, or do you work on several things simultaneously? Do you ever have a problem with getting an idea for your next story?


Tori Lennox said...

I've got more ideas than you can shake a stick at (though I've always wondered why one would want to shake a stick at something... but I digress).

I think the current book is the longest I've worked on any one thing. Hopping from one thing to another has always been my modus operandi before now.

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Allie Boniface said...

Actually, I have a tough time thinking of stories. I do have a file of ideas that at times do jump out and beg to be started...but I still feel like that number is finite.

As for one-hit wonders, what about Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird) or Margaret Mitchell (Gone With the Wind)??

Ceri said...

I have too many. I don't think I've stayed with one wip for longer than a few weeks since finishing WORL. I start working on one then another seems to suck me in, and on and on. Thats one good thing about Nano, if the story is good then I'm forced into working on it for an entire month, and I hope that if I really like it it'll keep me hooked until I finish it.

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darcy said...

That's one GOOD book ;^)

I have a jillion crappy ones jiggling around inside my brain.

Thanks for the vote of confidense though.

darcy said...

dur, confidence. my brain can't spell past 8pm.

MaryF said...

Dozens, not quite. But a lot. I actually made myself a calendar of what to work on, when. I have to work on one at a time, creating-wise. But I can revise one and work on something new.

Though I get to work on something new for a bit.