Wednesday, September 20, 2006

From His Mouth to God's Ears...

I figure that the degree of difficulty in combining two lives ranks somewhere between rerouting a hurricane and finding a parking place in downtown Manhattan. ~ Claire Cloninger, "When the Glass Slipper Doesn't Fit and the Silver Spoon is in Someone Else's Mouth"

My husband comes from a family who can be pretty fixated about money. They were fairly poor growing up with a blue collar dad and a stay-at-home-mom, but they never went without the things they really needed. Still, it became a bit of a fixation. Three of the kids are in the computer industry, and one is a SAHM married to a person in it. One is a teacher, but she's always been a bit of an anomoly...

A typical conversation with them always includes the great price they got on something (despite the fact that they're well off, financially). For instance:

"Cute pants!"

"Thanks! I found them at Goodwill on the sale rack for fifty cents!"

My husband mentioned to his father that we're thinking of moving to Missouri -- and his father asked where he would work to make enough money. Hubby responded that he doesn't plan on working in the computer industry forever, that we don't need to be rich and he doesn't enjoy his work. His father didn't understand. At. All.

When Hubby recounted this interaction to me, I reminded him that, once DD is old enough I can go back to work (I homeschool, so it'll be a while... but still...) and Hubby said the nicest thing:

"I know that. You're going to be a world famous author."

He doesn't talk much about my writing, and he doesn't read any of it, but it was interesting to see that he still has faith that I can accomplish my dreams.

That was nice.

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