Thursday, July 28, 2005

What To Do, What To Do....

I haven't had much time for writing anything the past couple of days -- real life intrudes. Ugh.

So as a treat, my mom decided to take my daughter for a good part of the day. They're going shopping for some crafty stuff and making a stop at Barnes and Noble, then it's off to Grandma's house to "do" a craft. This leaves me several hours, during which I have been instructed to WRITE.

I find myself, instead, moping around missing my daughter instead. Funny how she drives me crazy when she's underfoot constantly, but when she isn't I keep looking for her around every corner.

She's been gone almost an hour. Here's what I've accomplished in that time:

1. Ate lunch.
I have to admit it was kind of nice to just eat whatever I felt like eating and not take her needs into account.

2. Read a chapter of HP6.
Is it sacrilegious to say that I'm kind of bored so far? I'm four chapters in, and I have to force myself to keep reading. I'm hoping it gets better.

3. Fed the dog.
She was very grateful and rewarded me with sloppy dog kisses.

4. Discovered that Jennifer Crusie has updated her website and started a blog!
Jenny C. is my hero. I want to be her when I grow up...

5. Decided that Jed (the hero in my WIP) must have an unusual pet.
I started with the idea of giving him a snake, but couldn't stand having him feed it other animals. So, I've settled on a pig. Named Arnold. Here's the $64,000 question - and no, I haven't adjusted for inflation -- where did I get the pig's name? Anyone, anyone... Bueller?

6. Updated this blog.

Okay, okay... I have all the feedback from my wonderful, wonderful writing bud's (Thanks to P & R from TT and C from MM) and must now get to work on my contest entry.

Or maybe I'll just eat dessert and pace the house until my daughter returns.


Anonymous said...

...I GUARANTEE that HP6 will pick up!!! takes until the gang is back at the school, tho....the last 4 or 5 chapters are INTENSE to say the 14 year old son cried during the last chapter...I was kinda teary-eyed too.
Don't know if you're old enough to have seen it originally but 'Arnold the pig' comes from the Eddie Albert/Eva Gabor sitcom from the late 60s, 'Green Acres'
(reached you from your link at WVU)

Marianne Arkins said...


Glad to hear it about HP6 ... I'm on chapter nine, and it's still kind of draggy - if Ms. Rowling's first books were like this, they wouldn't be so popular! Loved the first five.

You're right on the mark about Arnold... I used to watch "Green Acres" quite a lot when I was younger. Well done!

Anonymous said...

No problem...responding broke up a boring Friday workday,lol
I'd be really interested in how you felt about HP6 when you're of it blew me away...I wanna write like JK,lol.