Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What Silver Lining?

So, I had big plans for the day... writing, gardening, washing the dog. But, the best laid plans ... and all that jazz.

It all started a few weeks ago, when my "pet" black swallowtail caterpillar decided to use my tomato cage to make his chrysalis instead of the sticks or any other lovely choices. So, when he tried to shed his skin, he fell - tomato cages being rather slick and not accepting caterpillar adhesive well.

My daughter was in a panic -- we can't just leave him there! Well, of course not. So I gently lifted him up and placed him inside a butterfly house we'd made for another caterpillar who had a death wish (long story). Two happy chrysalis's, right?

Two weeks later, the first one hatched into a beautiful butterfly. We promptly released him (her) in the hopes that it would lay more eggs, hence more 'pillars, on my parsley. We waited axiously for 'pillar #2.

He hatched two days later, but something had happened, and he hadn't developed any bottom wings. Oh No! Can't fly... what to do, what to do? No fairy dust handy, couldn't get him to think happy thoughts... we'll keep him as a pet.

Filled the box with popular butterfly flowers and an orange slice - this needs to be replaced daily as it dries out.

This afternoon, I pulled out that old half an orange, grabbed the knife and Whammo! Knife slips off tough orange peel and slams into my unsuspecting index finger. Blood! Eek! Must remain calm and not terrify daughter. Grab finger. Find help to put on bandaid... bleed through bandaid and the two paper towels wrapped around it. Decide going to doctor may be in order.

Ugh. I hate the doctor.

Good news? I talked to doc out of stitches if I promise to not bend my finger and keep it dry for five days.

Bad news? BIG bandage on index finger. Can't type (if I'd have left all my typos in this post you'd understand... but that would be ugly). Can't write. Can't wash the stinky dog. No gardening, except what I can do one handed -- pretty much leaves weeding.

Looking for a silver lining: Can't wash dishes for five days?

Not good enough.

In any case, blog posts may suffer as time on the keyboard hunting and pecking is driving me nuts.

All for my pet 'pillar. The things we do. Of course, the first thing I did when I got home was slice that blasted orange and put it in his house. Gotta keep my priorities straight!

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Charity said...

Oh, no! I hope it heals quickly! I'm not sure what I'd do if I hurt my hand. It's one of my fears, not to mention I need it for the day job as well. Take care! I hope it mends fast.