Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm speechless...

Couldn't think of a thing to say today. My brain is overworked and underpaid, and today went on strike. Is there a brain's union? I'd sure like to start negotiations.


1. Stayed up too late (for no good reason, which makes it twice as stupid)
2. Got up too early (thanks to Bailey, my darling dog)
3. Had company most of the day (with children - making my exhaustion quota explode since I'm only used to having one around)
4. It's hot.
5. It's humid.
6. I had nothing cool and caffeinated to drink (will remedy this tomorrow)

Still absolutely focused on an appropriate pseudonym, but was punchy, so only goofy ones came to mind:

Gemstones: I could be Jade, Garnet, Ruby, Pearl, Peridot, Tourmaline (I also thought of stones like pumice and obsidian)

TV Characters: I'm frequently called Maris (like Niles invisible wife on Frasier) and so thought that might work. At least I'd answer to it. Then I thought of Daphne (same show), and moved onto pets.... wonder if I look like an Eddie?

It only gets worse.

In any case, I'm kind of hooked on Arkins or Arkin for a last name -- so anyone with a hot idea of a first name that goes with it, please feel free to forward it to me. I originally wanted something that starts with an "m", but am feeling more flexible right now.

Of course that could be dementia talking.

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Al McCartan said...

Maris Arkin - nah! too much like Morris Dancing. Roz Arkin - not that either. I'm warming to Tourmalinelena Alan
Ruby Arkin - sorry, this the 21st century. Mary Kate and Ashley have been taken. Gee, you poor thing, you is havin'one big dee lemma. Before the heat and humidity getsya - feet up,. have a cool lemonade, watch a rerun of Desperate housewives and waith till fall. Maybe September Morne -no? Well ya caint blame a guy for trying.