Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Trip to the Dentist

If suffering brought wisdom, the dentist’s office would be full of luminous ideas. ~Mason Cooley

I've fallen behind in inviting authors to my blog for interviews... *sigh*... so no fun and goofy stuff from someone else today.

I've been enjoying your answers to yesterday's post -- it's HARD to think up lies that sound true, and truths that sound like lies... I imagine the authors I nominated are going to find out the same thing!

I'll post the answers and explanations along with the winner of the free book/gift certificate on Saturday morning.

Today DD and I head back to the dentist.

I need a little bitty filling -- I have all four of my wisdom tooth (having had my four bicuspids pulled for braces in high school, I had room and they grew in straight!), which tend to be softer and more prone to cavities and so they like to fill up all the crevices and bumps for me to keep cavities from even forming. One of those crevices is in need of a refill, lol.

DD, OTOH, needs a tooth pulled. One of her perm teeth is literally drilling into the baby tooth instead of pushing it out. As a result, the baby tooth is dead (and gray, ick) and oozing bacteria into her gum. She sprouted an abscess a few weeks back, and they've tried treating it in various ways, but nothing is helping, so today ... out with her tooth!

She asked me three times last night if it hurts to get a tooth pulled. I told her the story of when I had my five pulled (four perm and one baby)... One the drive home, with my mouth full of cotton and a pile of paper towels held at my chin to catch the drool and blood ... our car broke down. So I was stuck, numb and drooling, hoping the paper towels would hold out until we got home (they didn't). The pain meds started wearing off before we got help. All-in-all a really bad day. But I told her, "I lived through it and nothing you're having done will be that bad."

LOL... what? I should have lied?

I always figure if she's prepared for the worse, than the actual procedure will seem like a breeze.

I remember my first roller coaster ride. I was TERRIFIED. We were at Disneyland on my senior trip for high school. I stood in line for Space Mountain, holding my best friend's hand and probably crushing the bones. Every step was difficult. My heart pounded, I wanted to cry and run screaming out one of the exits.

I didn't. I got on, and the ride started. And it was NOTHING...the plane ride there had been worse. I laughed like a loon all through the ride. I'm fairly certain everyone thought I'd lost my mind. But, if I'd gone on thinking it was nothing? Then things may not have turned out so well.


You Are the Breaststroke

You are a happy and content person. You try to enjoy every day and every moment to the fullest.

You don't push yourself too hard, but you do try to stay consistent.

Slow and steady does win the race, and because of this, you're miles ahead of everyone else.

You live mindfully and intentionally. You take every decision seriously.

About 50/50...



Maria Zannini said...

Though I agree telling her the worst case scenario might make the actual tooth pulling a walk in the park--she might fixate on the drool. LOL!

Poor kid. At least it will be over fast. And she'll have something to brag about later. :o)

Dru said...

Good luck at the dentist.

I always think of the worst scenario because then my plan is to overcome it. Nothing like being better prepared.

Have a good Wednesday.

Brandy said...

Best wishes for a good visit to the Dentist. I would have been honest, too. It's better to be prepared than to imagine the worst will happen.

I hope you have a pleasing day!