Monday, May 03, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

Heat, ma'am! it was so dreadful here, that I found there was nothing left for it but to take off my flesh and sit in my bones. ~Sydney Smith, Lady Holland's Memoir

I broke out my fans last night. I can't believe it... but yesterday it was 350 degrees here with 900% humidity.

Okay -- 89 degrees with exceptionally high humidity.

I kept praying for a thunderstorm to clear it out, but it never happened. When I went to bed (at TEN O'CLOCK -- which, if you know me, you know that is really REALLY late) it was still almost 90 degrees in my bedroom.

We don't have A/C. We really almost never need it. We use window fans for the night to suck in the cool air, but it's only the first week of May, so the fans are still stored away.

But last night, at ten o'clock, I went crawling around in the storage space behind one of our closets and dug them out because there was NO way I'd be able to sleep otherwise.

Even with the fans, it was a struggle. The last time I looked at my clock it was midnight. I'm tired.

And it never did thunderstorm.

It did this last year ... May was summery and warm and then along came June: wet and cool. Seriously messed with my gardens AND with my DH's boating. I really hope that doesn't happen this year.


Do you like sequels?

Mostly I do, as long as they are as strong as the first book. I cut my romance teeth on Jude Deveraux and her Montgomerys and Taggarts. I loved reading those books and seeing how everyone was related to everyone. I read all of Nora's series. I'm a fan of Catherine Coulter's FBI series (though not so much the last one...), and read all of Jayne Ann Krentz / Amanda Quick series she's been doing lately.

I'm writing a sequel (well, a couple actually) and hope the second book is as well received as the first.

As a reader, do you like revisiting friends?

As a writer, do you enjoy writing a sequel? Do you find it easier or harder (or both)? Why?


You Are a Hearty Breakfast

You are down to earth and mild mannered. You don't tend to make a fuss.

You can be a bit stubborn at times. You know what you like, and you don't tend to change your mind.

You like to stay in your comfort zone. You don't really like surprises or change much.

You aren't complacent... you're just practical. Why mess with what works?




groovyoldlady said...

Ooo. It wasn't that hot here at all - more like 65ยบ, but definitely humid. Still is!

I DO like sequels, though I always read them with fear and tepidation because I loathe programmed, weak, predictable ones.

Maria Zannini said...

I'll read sequels whether I've read the first book or not.

Writing them can be hard because you have to write it for both the reader who read your first book and the new reader who's starting out with your second.

Since I read novels out of order all the time, it's really made me aware of how well the author can bring me up to speed on his characters.

MomJane said...

If I really love a book, I am always sorry when I finish reading it. So, I love sequels. I love all of Nora Roberts series. I remember when I first realized that I loved sequels. When I read the Bastard series. I hated to put down the last one. I wanted more.

Tori Lennox said...

It hasn't gotten that warm (hot) here yet. Tomorrow it's supposed to hit 86, I think, which is the warmest it's been this spring.

I love sequels!!!

Dru said...

I know what you mean about the fans. My place was stifling and I had to get out the fans to cool the place down and had to let it run while I slept.

I love sequels, especially if I liked the first book.

Melissa McClone said...

Hope you've cooled off!

I love writing sequels. They are so much easier since the world and the characters exist. Love, love, love it!

Ceri Hebert said...

I love sequels. I love writing sequels (as you know I'm working on one now). I'm even thinking of sequels to stories that aren't even published yet.

I'm bad.

We put in our a/c yesterday. I'd rather just do a window fan, but DH sleeps during the day and needs the a/c to keep the room cool enough.