Sunday, May 23, 2010

Amazing Weather!

Language... has created the word "loneliness" to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word "solitude" to express the glory of being alone. ~Paul Johannes Tillich, The Eternal Now

What a gorgeous weekend we've been having, and rumor has it this amazing weather is going to stretch into next week! YAY.

DD and DH went boating yesterday. It was a little hazy out, but plenty warm and quite humid. The lake water, though, is still quite cool -- maybe 60 degrees. DH called me at just after lunchtime and said, "Your daughter is swimming."

I asked him if her lips were turning blue, lol... she had a great time -- swam for a few hours, helped him catch a fish (our freezer is filling with salmon and trout) and just enjoyed the day.

I did, too. I had a good "alone" time -- days that are few and far between, so greatly valued. I realize that there will probably come a time where I get LOTS of alone time after DD is grown, but right now the breaks are necessary for my sanity. I'm a person who prefers to be alone rather than in the company of people, at least for long periods of time.

I took the dog for a long walk in the morning, before it got too hot. Watched the "Bones" season finale (and cried a little). Had lunch (a "snacky" lunch -- one of my favorite things about being by myself is not making MEALS) and then went outside to edge more of my gardens. I love having flower gardens ringing the house, and having little gardens in the middle of the lawn, but there are days I wonder about my sanity. I spent two hours outside and only got two gardens done: Bailey's memorial garden and my biggest woods garden. Of course, I did spend several minutes pretending to be a statue while at Bailey's garden -- that's where I keep my bird feeders and if I held still enough, the birds would come eat. I watched a downy woodpecker couple, a few tufted titmice, a white-breasted nuthatch and several chickadees (who probably would have come even if I was doing the cha-cha... chickadees are brave) from only a foot or two away.

Spent the rest of the day doing what I had to do: building the webpages for next week's LASR/WC/Aurora stuff.

I squeezed in a little writing, too.

It was a good day.

Today -- agility competition. DD asked me again last night, "Dakota is good enough to win the gold medal, right?"

Yes. She it. As long as she makes her contacts and behaves. Is it wrong to hope that the one Border Collie that's truly stellar makes at least one little mistake?

As long as my camera doesn't give up the ghost, I'll have some video for you tomorrow.

:::fingers crossed:::

Speaking of cameras, I need a new one. I know several of you really enjoy picture-taking. Can you tell me what cameras you have, and what you do and don't like about them?


Your Interpersonal Intelligence Score: 55%

Your Interpersonal Intelligence is Average

You do well in most group settings, but you also need time to recharge.

So while you can work with people during the day, you may crave your alone time at night.

For you, it's all about balance!




Maria Zannini said...

Good luck on the competition.

If Dakota can give a border collie a run for his money, she has got to be good!

Ref: camera
As tomorrow's post on cell phones will attest, I am hopeless with techy things. But I've got a Sony Cybershot that has been a good workhorse, despite being dropped, dragged and stepped on by giant dogs.

MomJane said...

Good luck tonight. We are expecting one nice day and then several days of rain.

anno said...

What a wonderful day -- for everybody! So glad you got that time to yourself!

As for the camera, I'm pretty fond of my Pentax *istD; it's nice to have the control of an SLR coupled with the ease of a digital camera. In some lighting conditions -- sunsets; low light; high contrast -- I occasionally get some wonky readings, but it's pretty easy to compensate for it, nothing I'd consider trading up for ... yet.

Good luck with the agility competition!

Dru said...

Good luck in the agility competition.

I just bought a Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS and taking pictures have been great including uploading it to my computer.

Your Interpersonal Intelligence Score: 60%

Your Interpersonal Intelligence is Average

You do well in most group settings, but you also need time to recharge.

So while you can work with people during the day, you may crave your alone time at night.

For you, it's all about balance!

Have a good Sunday.

Brandy said...

Wishing y'all the best for Agility!
As for cameras? I have two, a simple point and shoot digital, the Sony Cybershot. It downloads easily and can also magnify pretty well. For even clearer pictures we have the NikonD3000. I'm still learning about F-stops on that one. *G* But, it's a very nice camera that takes amazingly clear pictures and also downloads easily.

I hope you're having a great day!

Tori Lennox said...

Sounds like a lovely day!

Good luck at the agility trial!

MaryC said...

I know how you feel about the alone time. Because my daughters are grown, I get alone time in the sense of noone making demands but there are still bodies in the house. There's something fabulous about time when no one else is in house. I'm sure it's only fabulous because it's so rare, but I still appreciate it.

Good luck today with Dakota.

I have a Canon Powershot SD1200 IS that I love. It's tiny enough that I always bring it with me so I don't get caught wishing I had a camera and it takes really excellent pictures. Let me know if you want to see any samples.