Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Deer, Deer Go Away

When you have done your best for a flower, and it fails, you have some reason to be aggrieved. ~Frank Swinnerton

I ventured outside for a bit yesterday, despite the cold and the gale force winds, because it LOOKED like it was nice out: bright and sunny. It wasn't, and I wore a warm jacket and ear muffs (yes, really) but just had to get outside.

What I found there broke my heart (and if you're on Facebook, you know what's coming). My flowers had been attacked brutally... by Bambi.

My bachelor buttons that were just beginning to bloom had been eaten down to nubs:

They used to rise ABOVE the peony ring, and were full of buds (see that little thing that looks like a pineapple? There used to be dozens of them on both plants).

Now I have only two buds left...

They also went after the oriental lilies, but must have been full after the feast of bachelor buttons, because they only nabbed the bud off of one:

It was a good sized deer, based on the hoof prints I found. DH is planning his hunting season as we speak...

In the meantime, I dumped milorganite all over everything everywhere (though it's not sold as a deer repellant, it has a reputation for working, and it's always worked for me) and will be putting out some deodorant soap (Coast or Irish Spring) on my well pump and on some of the rocks out in my garden. A friend suggested I chop up all the chives I have growing everywhere and blend them with some water to spray on the plants, which I'm considering. My yard will be .... aromatic.

But it's terribly discouraging, because with perennials, you don't get a second chance in the same year.

Bad deer.

In other news, however, our peach tree has a TON of baby peaches (do deer eat peaches???):

My mouth is watering already...


In yesterday's news, my DH had taken a LONG road trip last week. I never share that stuff just cuz I don't like anyone knowing when he's out of town (paranoid? Me?). He went to Texas with a cousin to pick up a boat -- they made it round trip to Dallas and back in 4 1/2 days. Yes. Really.

But because he was exhausted, eating junk and cold (he'd dressed for summer, silly man -- and then hit SNOW in Pennsylvania on the way home) he caught one doozy of a cold. His voice is nearly gone and he just feels like dog doo. Sadly, he's on vacation this week... hopefully he'll recover soon.

DD is already feeling completely well, though. Her cold really only had two bad days and she's bounced back.

And, so far, I've kept the germs at bay. I hope it stays that way...


I did a short post over at Healthful & Homemade if you're interested. I'm reading an awesome book on homemade bread, so expect more posts on easy bread making soon.



Maria Zannini said...

Oh, no. Not the deer again. How terrible. I was thinking about you when I saw a couple of deer bound over a fence.

MomJane said...

So sorry about the flowers. Drat those deer. You are not growing food for them. Hope you enjoy your peaches.

Dru said...

I'm so sorry the deer are attacking your garden. I hope the measures you take will prevent the deer from eating more.

At first when you wrote about hubby taking 4.5 days to get home, I imagined him sailing.

Brandy said...

I'm sorry to hear the deer have attacked your perennials. I hope the measures you're taking are enough to keep them away.
Ooh, man with cold is not good. Glad to hear your DD is feeling better.

I hope you have an amusing day!

Tori Lennox said...

Deer are pretty to look at but it would be great if they could forage somewhere besides people's gardens.

Terry Odell said...

We just moved to a new home in the Colorado mountains. Deer are all over the place. They raided our bird feeders, so we had to move them up. Gardening will probably not happen--also due to water restrictions, so we can't use water for anything outside unless we go down and buy it and haul it up.

But we get a kick out of watching them. They come by almost every day; a group of 7, and then another 2.

I've posted pictures on my Facebook page.