Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dislike DST

A morning without coffee is like sleep. ~Author Unknown

I hate DST. HATEHATEHATE it... It's utterly outdated and should be discontinued. This message will repeat in October.


Woke up with a wicked case of heartburn so bad I'm not having coffee. So, if my post seems a bit cranky and odd, that's why! I never had heartburn EVER until I was pregnant -- now I get it fairly regularly... is it cuz I'm getting older? -- and Rolaids (et al) are disgusting and I can't take them. I use papaya enzyme and it usually helps, but I got a new kind this last time, and they aren't working. :::grumble, grumble:::

Anyone else know natural remedies for heartburn?


It's raining here. I'm relieved, actually, since it was snowing last night. I worried I'd be waking up to two feet of snow. Instead, I have a river running down my front lawn and little creeks everywhere in my yard.

I bundled up in raingear and put out my bird feeders first thing this a.m., bringing the dog with me. She's not particularly fond of rain, but I knew she'd go out if I was with her. She did, and did her business and then (even now I'm amazed at how good she is) came inside, took her treat (she gets one for coming in when she's off leash) and dropped it on the floor, then sat down.

It took me a good thirty seconds to realize what she was doing -- since the dawn of time, when she comes in and is wet, I make her sit on the rug inside the door while I dry her off. This time, I was soaking wet myself so hadn't said anything while I was getting out of my coat and boots.

And she still sat. She didn't run off with her treat to eat it on the couch, she waited. Without me saying anything.

I was so impressed.

Good dog.


You Are a Ponytail

You are energetic, laid back, and a lot of fun. You are ready for whatever life throws at you.

Your idea of style is looking presentable. You prefer simple, well fitting, and neat clothes.

At your best, you are productive, inspiring, and full of live. You love to be active.

At your worst, you are hyperactive and frenzied. Sometimes it's hard for you to calm down.

Pretty close...



Dru said...

I think that is so sweet that Dakota remembered that he had to wait. Aaaawww.

You had snow? Wow! I'm glad you're getting rain now.

You Are Dreads

You are accepting, peaceful, and connected with nature. You've reached a state of bliss.

Your idea of style is being completely natural and comfortable. You aren't trying to impress anyone.

At your best, you are simple and content. You don't need much in this world to be happy.

At your worst, you are a little irresponsible. You are on "island time"!

Except for the hairstyle, this is pretty accurate.

Have a good Sunday.

Maria Zannini said...

What a good girl.

Tori Lennox said...

I totally agree with you re DST. Stupid, stupid, stupid idea.

Yay, Dakota!!! Good girl!!!

Brandy said...

I thought I wouldn't care about DST, I usually don't, but this morning? I wanted to smack whoever came up with the idea. *sigh* I need more caffeine. As for a natural remedy? Um, does baking soda count? You're supposed to be able to mix some with water and drink it.

What a Good Girl, Dakota! She definitely deserved that treat!

I hope you dry out soon!

The Long and the Short of It Reviews said...

Just so you know..... DST doesn't end until NOVEMBER this year....