Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Dog's Tale

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. ~Roger Caras

So... yesterday was gorgeous. We walked a LONG walk and then home for school, which is SO hard when the first really nice days start happening.

Later was agility class -- and be warned, I will be talking about yucky bodily functions ahead. Dakota played when we got there, but from the first run, I could tell she wasn't quite herself. I figured she'd just played too hard and was tired.

And then came the last run of the first class. I brought her out to the course, and she laid down in front of the jump instead of sitting. I asked her to jump, and she wouldn't... after a bit of encouragement, she carefully STEPPED over the jump. I knew she wasn't feeling well, thought maybe she had to potty, so I took her outside. She went potty, and it wasn't ... erhm.... solid, and then she threw up.

So, we didn't stay for the second class and came right home. Let her out and she threw up and went potty again. Brought her in where she laid by my feet for about 15 mins and then, without any warning, she threw up again. This pattern was repeated a few times (oh, joy) until, finally about 90 mins after we got home she curled up on the couch instead of at my feet. I figured this meant she felt at least a little better.

Apparently it did. Though she was completely exhausted (completely! I've never seen her so wiped out -- I had to carry her up to bed because she wouldn't wake up enough to walk), there was not more vomiting. I worried all night, though, and kept checking to make sure she was warm and breathing...

I'm a little tired.

But I'm so relieved that she seems to be fine this morning. She wanted to eat (I gave her about 1/2 c of her homemade food... will see if it stays down) and is now happily snoring back on the couch.

At first I was worried about bloat, but the primary symptom was:

Attempts to vomit (usually unsuccessful); may occur every 5-30 minutes

And I thought: Dakota is absolutely NOT unsuccessful! Oy... I had no idea her stomach could HOLD so much.

Other things included restlessness, unwillingness to lie down, etc. So I figured that wasn't the problem.

I still haven't a clue what happened. I'm just glad she's okay.


Today will be our last nice day for a while -- it's going to be overcast and raining pretty much all weekend. My DH is *not* happy about this (this happened last year, where the weekdays were gorgeous and the weekends weren't), but we can't control nature. However, the rain will aid in hurrying along "ice out" on the lakes, so he make actually be able to start fishing on April 1st ... provided we get his boat registration back in time. I hadn't sent it in yet, because it was still so early -- but spring is VERY early this year!


You Are Flexible

You are broad minded and energetic. You are up for almost anything - all someone needs to do is ask.

You have a true appreciation for nature, and you love being outdoors. You also enjoy traveling to exotic places.

You crave freedom in your life, and you're not big on commitments or responsibilities.

You want to be able to scurry off to the next thing that interests you... whatever that happens to be!

Uh.. no, not really. But I do like frogs...



groovyoldlady said...

Oh Marianne...Eeeeew! Poor Dakota! And Mommy!

I'm so thankful she seems to be improving.

"You Are Intelligent
You are a very stubborn and headstrong person. You know you are capable, and you never doubt your decisions.
You resent authority and being told what to do. In most cases you know best anyway.

You are constantly underestimated and misunderstood in your life. People don't understand how great you are.
You don't mind if your greatness goes unrecognized though. You know your own value, and that's good enough for you! "

That is pretty much wrong on every front! (But I do like piggies!)

Diane Craver said...

Glad Dakota is better.

Weather has been nice here too. It's going to rain here this weekend. It's cloudy now and the rain will start today.

Get some rest and take care.

Dru said...

I'm so glad that Dakota is feeling better.

The past couple of days here have been great and like you, we're getting flood rains this weekend.

You Are Loyal

You are a true friend. You are faithful and protective of those you love... sometimes to a fault.

You are sometimes wary of strangers, but you open completely to the people you trust.

You can be surprisingly playful and fun loving. Goofing off is one of your favorite pastimes.

But when you need to be counted on, you step right up. You're always willing to work hard or defend your pack.

Moderately accurate and I am fond of dogs.

J.A. Saare said...

Poor Dakota, I'm glad she's feeling better. ;)

Brandy said...

So glad to hear that Dakota is feeling better. Hugs to mommy and puppy for that ordeal. It's raining here today, so I'm hoping the weekend is nice. *g*

You Are Flamboyant: You are a colorful and creative character. You're are always thinking up new projects.
You have a loud personality, and people find you very entertaining. You are quite charming.
You don't have much of a filter on your words or actions. You just do whatever you feel like.
You are energetic, quirky, and hyper. It's hard for you to focus at times... you're too busy having fun.

I kind of like the quirky part, but it's pretty much all wrong. But, the chickie was so cute. *G*

Hope you're having a good day!

Tori Lennox said...

Hugs to you and Dakota!!! I'm glad she's feeling better today.

Maria Zannini said...

Ack!! Is she still okay? Do you think she could've eaten something bad for her during her walk?

Poor baby! Keep us updated. That really worried me.