Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Welcome Guest: Fran Shaff

Today we welcome author Fran Shaff to the blog. Please, make her feel at home!

Tell me five things I probably don’t know about you and that most folks wouldn’t guess.

Five things? You're going to make me work in this interview. :-) Hmmmm.

1) I never went to kindergarten. I walked into first grade at the age of five, having never seen nor heard of the alphabet.

2) In third grade I was a spelling champion in my school.

3) I never read much as a kid because my parents thought reading was a waste of time, being an unproductive activity.

4) I didn't know that I liked to read until I was in college. I guess that's a pretty unexpected background for a woman who eventually became a writer.

Hmmm... Fran, that was only four. Maybe you can leave a fifth in our comments?

Finish this sentence: My favorite color is ___________ because ______________

Today, my favorite color is green because I am so sick of looking at snow.

Write me a paragraph using the following three words: Squash, Iodine, Mask

I take it you don't want me to merely say: When I squash my finger in the car door I apply iodine and mask-ing tape. I'll try to be a bit more creative.

Little Lizzy took the bottle of iodine from her mother's secret stash of first aid products. She'd always admired the skull and crossbones on it's label. Copying the picture onto her latest art medium would surely give her a leg up in the school creativity contest. Colorful markers, construction paper, fabric and even the rubber from an old dust mask became part of that depiction of the skull and crossbones. When Lizzy had finished her masterpiece, she took it to school and entered it in the creativity contest. Lucky little Lizzy proudly accepted her prize for the scariest spaghetti squash in the event.

Fran Shaff is the author of more than a dozen romance and young peoples’ novels which are available in hardcover, paperback and e-formats. She also writes short stories and articles. Her short stories have appeared in such places as Woman’s World magazine and at major outlets on the Internet. She has won numerous awards for her writing in both fiction and non-fiction categories. For more information please visit Fran's website: You can also find Fran at MySpace, Jacket Flap, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other Internet networking sites. She has an active blog at:

FREE DOWNLOAD. If you'd like a free download of Fran Shaff's acclaimed historical romance "Change of Heart," go to: This download is available in ten different formats.

Look for Fran Shaff's latest contemporary romance "Montana Magic" in March at Wings ePress ( and at major Internet outlets.


Judy said...

I had to laugh at the spaghetti squash :-) A different way of looking at vegies....

Fran Shaff said...

Thanks, Judy.


I guess I thought I had two facts in #1--I never went to Kindergarten and I was unfamiliar with the alphabet as I began first grade.


Brandy said...

Greens a good color, it's starting to sprout up here more and more. Good interview.