Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away...

Weather is a great metaphor for life - sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, and there's nothing much you can do about it but carry an umbrella. ~Terri Guillemets

They're expecting rain today and tomorrow... lots and lots of rain. Somewhere between 3" - 6" which probably means some flooding again since the ground isn't completely thawed yet.

I'm just praying for light winds, thought they're already gusting pretty heavily this morning.

My SIL brought me over a bunch of quart and pint canning jars yesterday. She's single and doesn't use the bigger jars when she cans, but had gotten a bunch free from the lady she bought her pressure canner and has been holding on to them because she couldn't bear to just get rid of them. Then I mentioned I was going to be canning a LOT this year, and she happily shared.

I'm excited.

Now I wait. First thing to harvest? Strawberries... in a month or so. I'll make strawberry jam and loads of frozen strawberries that I'll vacuum seal to save for a whole year :-)



You Are a Doer

You are energetic, active, and a total go-getter. You don't procrastinate or back down. You just do it!

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Yep.. pretty much!



groovyoldlady said...

Well, I'm not much of a gardener, but I worked uber hard to prep our garden plot last Fall. It's out there now all weed free and pretty. The girls want to plant peas. I'll probably also do some spinach and perhaps a tomato plant or two. I'd LOVE to put in berries; They don't ripen here until June.

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Maria Zannini said...

Lucky girl!

I've looked high and low for cheap or free canning jars around here. People snap them up like they were gold.


Ceri Hebert said...

I've wanted to learn how to can for years now. My aunt used to have a huge garden and since she was single she'd supply us with all the tomatoes, pickles, jams and jellies we'd need for a year. I especially want to can tomatoes, but have no idea how. I'm sure I could find out on the internet. And where do you get your strawberries?

Hope you don't float away today through Monday. Maybe I'll float over in your direction.

Dru said...

I have to go out during our rain fest. Stay dry and warm.

You Are a Watcher

You are an easygoing, calm person. You are happy to relax as much as possible and observe what's going on around you.

You find it easy to be entertained, and you're rarely bored. You can always find something to turn your attention toward.

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This is true

Tori Lennox said...

I could never get excited about canning. *g*

Brandy said...

My Mom used to can when I was young. But, I've never attempted it myself. I hope you are able to can lots and lots of goodies. *g*

I am a Talker. Um, no, not really. *G*

I hope you have a great day despite the rain.