Wednesday, December 02, 2009

What, When, Where, Why, How with Lily Stone

Give a hearty welcome to author Lily Stone!

What do you carry in your purse?

Surprise, surprise—I don't ever carry a purse. I may be the only female on the planet who despises purses. My husband and family tried to pressure me into it, but I quickly managed to lose any purse they gave me, so they finally gave up and let me go on my purse-free way.

That said, I do like pockets in all my clothes if possible. What do I put in my pockets? A few dollars (when I have it), a bankcard if I think I'll need it, and car keys if I'm driving. Hate to say it, but I rarely even carry my driver's license. I like to travel light. If the pockets are large enough, my cell phone goes into one too.

I did buy a tiny, embroidered cloth purse when I was in China. It's about the size of my hand. If there's a reason I absolutely need a purse, I take that. It's only large enough to hold the things I normally put in my pocket plus a few breath mints &/or cough drops and a tissue. I can also squeeze my driver's license and library card into it.

But perhaps you should have asked me what I keep in the glove box of the car…

When is the worst time for someone to call you?

In the morning before 9 a.m. I'm a night owl, so I prefer to sleep in. I'm happiest & most wide-awake at 2 or 3 a.m. That's when I do most of my writing and reading.

Where would you live, if you could live anywhere?

If I could convince my husband, I'd move to Belize in a minute. I love the warm, but not overly hot, weather in Central America. It's about 75-80 degrees all year round. I also love taking a siesta in the afternoon (my least productive time). But I especially love the forests, the water, and the ruins.

I spent a summer in Costa Rica when I was in college and loved the clouds that ringed the mountains in the morning. Looking out on the green of the forests that covered the hills was restful and peaceful. Every afternoon it rained for about an hour. That fresh rain smell and the ions afterward make you feel incredibly energetic. I also love fresh fruit, and there's nothing like picking a ripe banana or slicing into a juicy pineapple. Or cracking open a fresh coconut. Yum! These are nothing like the tasteless, chemically ripened fruits in U.S. grocery stores.

Why does hair always look best the day of your styling appointment?

To tell the truth, mine never looks good that day. I usually try to slink into the salon incognito. Or did you mean after they finish with me? I look great when I come from the salon (or at least my hair does). I often have strangers come up and compliment me on my hair after it's done. But every day after that, it gradually goes downhill, until by the time my next hair appointment rolls around, I'm almost ashamed to be seen in public. I wish I could figure out what magic they use, so I could do the same tricks myself.

How would you survive a nuclear attack?

I don't know if it's possible or if I'd even want to, if it meant facing maimed or dead family members and friends. But I guess, if it would work, I'd go into an underground shelter. I'm not sure how I'd like that. I tend to get claustrophobic if I don't have a lot of air, space, and natural light. Whenever I'm in closed spaces, I go stir crazy. I suppose I could make myself do it if it meant survival, but I wouldn't like it. And I'd want to get out as soon as possible. How long does it take for those nuclear effects to go away?

From the time she was two, Lily Stone loved to curl up with a book. As she grew, the enchantment of faraway places and romantic heroes intrigued her. Today her life is a fairytale come true. She married her Prince Charming, has five adorable children, travels the world, and spends her time spinning tales of her own. When she isn’t globetrotting, she divides her time between North Carolina and Pennsylvania as her heart is in both places as well as in many cities around the world. Magic, Lily believes, is following your heart, believing in your dreams, then seeing them come true. Visit with Lily on her blog.

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