Friday, December 11, 2009

Nook, and Shopping and Sweetness - Oh my!

Once again, we come to the Holiday Season, a deeply religious time that each of us observes, in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice. ~Dave Barry

So... I finally spent some quality time with my Nook last night, actually reading a book. I've never been able to spend much time reading on my computer for two reasons: 1. I feel obligated to work when I'm on the computer and 2. My eyes ache after too much time on the computer, and reading is supposed to be relaxing -- plus, my fave place to read is in bed right before I go to sleep.

A note about the Nook -- the complaint I had about not being able to reach the arrow to turn pages when the cover was on? I'm a total and complete dork. Last night, I noticed a set of four snaps on the back of the cover. Not being a total idiot, I figured they must have a match somewhere and lo and behold! You fold the cover all the way around the Nook and snap it in place. Voila! I can now turn the pages with the cover on. Can you say "DUH"?

So, last night, in bed I read five chapters of the book I bought. One of the complaints the Nook received was that it can take 3 seconds for the page to turn (as opposed to 1 second on the Kindle). I'll be honest and say that this little quirk didn't bother me at all. I can manage to keep the thought in my head that long while I "wait" the whole 3 seconds for the page to turn. Additionally, BN has mentioned an automatic software update after the first of the year to address this issue.

After reading for about 30- 45 minutes I had no eyestrain, I wasn't tired from holding the Nook (which is a little bit heavier than your standard paperback) and turning the page by pushing the arrow was automatic. The only thing that bugged me was if I accidentally brushed the bottom screen and turned it on -- it's backlit so the brightness was annoying. It goes to sleep after a little but, but I did it twice and was irritated. My own fault, really. Gotta keep those lazy thumbs in place, lol!

Okay, moving on...


I pretty much started and finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. I made three stops around town: L. L. Bean outlet (got DH and Dd their gifts), Bead It! (for supplies to make earrings and a necklace for my best friend -- I need to get a move on, she lives in California and no, she doesn't read this blog, lol), Michaels (for more beading supplies and something else that I can't say because the person it's for DOES read this blog) and Agway (got DD one gift and several stocking stuffers for the entire family). Then, at home I shopped at Amazon and Bella Sara for DD. Now, I just need to go to Samaritan's Purse and make various donations in other people's names for all of my in-laws and do a little more online shopping for two other family members. Easy peasy. Best thing? I didn't have to deal with crowds!! I absolutely refuse to go to the mall, or any where near it, until after January 1st. Now I just need to get my Christmas cards out. They are right here, next to me, and have been for a while -- I wish they'd address themselves. *sigh*

One thing I discovered yesterday is that I have little use for over the top sweet lovey-dovey-ness. At Michaels, there was a couple there shopping. The lady said something derogatory about herself and the man said, "If you weren't like that you wouldn't be you, and I love you the way you are."

Okay... that was kinda sweet and I could deal. But then THIS happened:

"Aww.. you love me?" In a little girl voice.

"Just a little bit." In a 'you're a cute puppy' voice.

"Really?" Leaning in and smoochy-smoochy.

"Okay, I love you a whole lot."

More smoochy-smoochy and then more "I'm so glad you love me." "Of course I love you."


I nearly went into a diabetic coma from all the sugar. And I made a point to get the heck out of the aisle until they stopped. Ick.

Clearly, I'm not as much of a romantic as I might think.


You Are the Thimble

You are a very resourceful and crafty person. Some may even call you cunning.

You are always looking for opportunities to get ahead. You are very creative and original.

You like to survey each situation and carefully plan your move. You have a good instinct for defense.

You like to protect what's yours, and you never take on too much at once. You believe in holding back until the time is right.

Hmmm... mostly right!



Charity said...

That's one of the best things about these e-readers. They're easy on the eyes (in more ways than one).

I couldn't believe how easy it was to read on the Kindle after working all day on the computer. I hate to say it, but it's a lot easier for me than paper and ink.

Brandy said...

It sounds like you've found the perfect e-reader for you! I'm still dragging my feet over getting one and since you've been talking about the Nook I am very glad I discouraged my hubs from buying the Sony e-reader.
WTG on the Christmas shopping! I'm not fond of crowds, either.

I hope you have a fabulous Friday!

Tori Lennox said...

You're making me want a Nook in the worst way!!!!

Dru said...

I played with the Nook this afternoon. I also bought the Nook this afternoon. It will arrive in January.

You Are the Car

You live your life in top gear. You aren't afraid to go fast, and you actually do best at high speeds.

You act on instinct, and you make decisions in a split second. Your first reaction is usually right.

You are impulsive and bold. You love to make risky moves, and you never turn down a chance to roll the dice.

You get impatient easily, and you're often waiting on those around you. You hate to be slowed down by anyone!

half and half

I hope your day was a good one.