Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thursday Things I'm Thinking....

Talk to your children about peer pressure. Explain what a powerful force it can be, and ... tell them that you will never accept the excuse that "Everyone did it" ... that they will be held responsible for their actions. - TOM MCMAHON, Teen Tips

It's been a long week where it feels like I'm working and working and then look at my to-do list and nothing is getting done! DD feels the same way ... she's a few days behind in school (and before other homeschoolers jump in and say that you can't be behind when you homeschool because you set your own schedule -- I understand the concept, but we set goals this year so that we don't end up schooling through August) and we can't seem to get caught up. I know it's because my DH was home through most of November and we kept getting assigned chores from him, but MAN is it getting frustrating (to the point of tears for my DD who looks at the calendar with the goal lesson number and then just cries).

In good news, though, her art show is tonight -- though I admit to not looking forward to going into downtown after dark. The art museum isn't exactly in the best part of town. To be honest, I'm not sure there is a good part of town... I'll take pictures :-)

A funny: I never realized what a sheltered life my DD has had. We live in a small town and she hasn't really had exposure to much of anything bigger. A couple weeks ago, when we went to Concord to get meds for Breeann, we decided to window shop in the little shops up and down the street we were on, but we had to cross the street. And the street had a "walk/don't walk" sign. And I, yanno, pressed the button to make it change and DD had NEVER seen one. Not earth shattering, I suppose, but it made me realize we should maybe get out of the sticks now and then!

I also had a laugh when DD's new friend from agility came over to me with what looked like a Blackberry (they look like calculators, right? -- I've never actually used one or seen one up close. Guess I'm sheltered, too) and asked me what DD's cell phone number was.

Uh. She doesn't HAVE a cell phone. Or an iPod. Or a Wii.

Poor DD is so abused.

She also had her first real taste of peer pressure last night, and misbehaved at agility because of it. And we had a talk about the fact that it would happen again. And again. And again. That for her entire life, people would try to get her to behave in ways contrary to how she should behave and that she needed to be strong enough to say "NO" even if they tease or call her names or didn't want to be friends anymore. Part of me doesn't want her to hang out with this girl at agility, because the reason she's there is that her family life really sucks, so it's making her a not so great example for my DD. OTOH, part of me is glad that DD is getting a taste of it in such a controlled environment. And maybe she'll even end up being a good example to her friend.

Still haven't done much futzing on Good Reads. But I will!

One last quick comment: If you're a serious writer and looking for a crit group, would you email me? I have a few ladies who want to get a small crit/support group together. I'm trying to keep it around ten people or so (and already have five or six), and would like to match folks carefully (re: genre), so am looking for folks who mainly write romance or strongly romantic stories (in any sub-genre). I'm at authormariannearkins AT gmail DOT com -- If you're published, tell me what you have pubbed and if you're not give me an idea of what you write. I'll get back to you soon. Remember, space is very limited. Writers serious about seeking or maintaining publication only. Tx.


You Are Mac and Cheese

You are a soothing and calming force. People can't help but relax and let go when you're around.

You are down to earth and even a little old fashioned. What's good about you never changes.

You may not be the first person people think of at Thanksgiving, but you're always the first one they think of when times are tough.

You are there for people in the best and worst of times. You know how to be supportive and understanding.

50/50 really... but I do LOVE mac and cheese... mmmmmm..



Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Are there any other homeschool support groups in the area? I know for C, having some positive peers around him helped him to be ready for peer pressure when he entered public high school - he was pretty grounded in who he is.

I'm just thinking if DD's main social contact is this girl in agility, maybe she could use some better peer models?

Melissa McClone said...

I think it's good for the kids to experience peer pressure at this age when not a lot is at stake. They can feel their way around things and also deal with the consequences.

LOL on the Blackberry. My oldest doesn't have a cell or a ds. We do have a wii thanks to my parents. I tell her why do you need a cell, you're with me all the time. She finally got her own email address a few months ago. Her and her dance friends send photos of kittens and puppies back and forth it's very cute.

Dru said...

I like your quote because it says it all.

Adult peer pressure is hard as well. It is a good idea that she's experiencing it now because the more she is put under peer pressure and as she gets older, the stronger she becomes in who she is.

re quiz: I'm mac and cheese.

Have a good Thursday.

jmberrygirl said...

Sheltered life? I didn't know how to operate a walk/don't walk until I was 21 and moved to a college town far from my parents. I still chuckle thinking about how many times I "jay walked" before I knew to hit the button!

Brandy said...

I know our kids friends think they are sheltered. Though we do try to expand their horizons and have them around other kids by the classes they take. Peer pressure can be rough. I wasn't going to say anything about being behind in your goals. I know exactly what you're talking about. Daughter's surgery has placed her behind, as well.
Best wishes for your Daughters Art Show!
I hope you have a pleasant day!

Tori Lennox said...

I don't even have a cell phone! But why do I need one? Since I'm not supposed to drive, I'm always with other people who have cell phones. But you'd be amazed at the number of people who don't grasp that concept (of course, they're usually trying to sell me a cell phone *g*).