Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Do. Not. Want.

Winter is nature's way of saying, "Up yours." ~Robert Byrne

I've put in an order to rescind my DH's prayer for snow, but I think it's been ignored.

I'm preparing to hunker down for the next four or five days in the house -- they're calling for snow T/F/S/S/and maybe M, with "blizzard conditions" possible on Friday. I know lots of you like snow, and I don't mind it in moderation, but five days of snow with accumulation that isn't measured in inches as much as FEET with enough wind to cause a whiteout doesn't thrill me. Just saying.

So today, I'm headed to the store to buy things we can eat if we lose power (which I anticipate but hope I'm wrong) and to the library for some videos to watch if we don't. We also have a couple new puzzles (thanks to some very savvy gift givers -- we love puzzles!) and of course we have plenty of books to read (I have dozens and dozens on my Nook -- I've bought many eBooks over the past couple of years that I haven't read, and NOW I CAN. Dru asked a couple of days ago if I still loved my Nook... YES, yes I do.)

In any case, if for some reason I don't post on Friday or Saturday, it would mean I'm without power. This storm wasn't exactly how I wanted to escort in the New Year.


I'll be doing JaNoWriMo with a couple other folks ... it appears we are only three this year (as opposed to fourteen last year), but three is a lovely number. Come visit if you get a chance (after the first of the year).


Your Ideas Are Blue

When you think, you tend to have very detailed, well thought out ideas.

You take your time with your thoughts. You are a deep thinker who likes to explore every possibility.

Your ideas tend to be very innovative and perceptive. It's amazing what your mind can come up with.

Your mind is energetic and alert. You are "always on" and thinking of new things. It's hard for you to relax.

LOL.. this is pretty close, especially the last part!



MomJane said...

This is pretty accurate,especially the wise part (lol). It explains why I enjoy being around people who can talk about "stuff" not just babble.

Your Ideas Are Purple
When you think, you tend to have intelligent and complex ideas.
You could never explain where your thoughts come from. Your thinking process is very mysterious.

Your ideas tend to be difficult to grasp. You are very wise, and your ideas tend to have many layers.
You are a spiritual and enlightened person. Even your simplest idea packs a profound punch.

Charity said...

Well, I'd do a JaNo, but I've already started my overhaul of the manuscript, but I'll still be working into January, that's for sure.

Do I qualify?

Dru said...

If it snows, won't DH and DD be out most of the day snowmobiling, leaving you free time for yourself?

I'm glad you are still enjoying your Nook. My nook is still on scheduled to be shipped in January. Did you know that B&N now sells ebook gift certificates?

re quiz: Your Ideas Are Blue It's 75% accurate.

Have a good Wednesday.

Sarita Leone said...

Barble--isn't that a great word? It should be a word, don't you think? It's the verification word for this post, and I love it.

We're gearing up for the big dump this weekend, too. I'm not thrilled but I'm hoping MN gets it over with...then sends sunshine. LOL! Sunshine in January? HA!

Love the quote, btw.

Am psyched for JaNo. Just sayin'.

Tori Lennox said...

I wouldn't be too keen on snow in the feet either.

Brandy said...

I said you could send SOME of it here. Like you I'm not thrilled with the idea of feet of snow. Not that we get anything like that here anyway.
My Ideas are Blue.

I hope your day is pleasing.

Erin said...

I'm just starting a blog and everyday i'm going to sit and free write for 20 minutes from random prompts. I think it will be a fun experiment and interesting to see what people have to say about my writing. I just came across this blog and thought i should spread the word. Everyone should put their thoughts and stories down in writing :)

Ceri Hebert said...

Where are you getting your weather reports?? WMUR isn't saying much of anything about the storm.

Blizzard conditions? Seriously?

I'll be doing JaNoWriMo!