Sunday, September 27, 2009


Now that it's all over, what did you really do yesterday that's worth mentioning? ~Coleman Cox

I locked the cat in the basement last night and laid around like a lazy slug this morning until 6 a.m.!! I think that's the latest I've slept in years (though I was awake at 5 a.m. -- it sure felt good to just lay there in that in-between state where you're fuzzy but not sleeping and not wide awake).

I need to do that every Sunday morning. It's the only day I don't need to be up to load pages for LASR/WC.

I'm still not feeling sick (knock wood). I exiled DD to the room over the garage yesterday for the entire day (except the book sale ... I let her go to that) with some movies. She watched "The House of Dies Drear" and two seasons of "Little House on the Prairie". I really need to buy her season three... she has a GC for Amazon sitting here. Maybe I'll do that today.

Yesterday was a little crazy: book sale in the a.m. (I've decided to rebuy all the "In Death" books. I used to have them, then got rid of them, and now I miss having them -- the book sale had about half in nearly new condition for 50 cents each - woot! I found some books for my mom, and DD found 5 books for herself. I spent $7.25 for everything.

I had to make dog food yesterday, and DD couldn't help which was a drag. So, I boiled chicken, pulled it out of the broth to cool, added veggies to the broth to cook, deboned the chicken.... well, you get the idea. It was an ordeal. And just as I was getting ready to finish that, DH came home from his folks house with a pile of corn on the cob that he'd picked at a field near their house. Since we couldn't possibly eat that much corn over the course of a few days, I had to process it for freezing.

So he shucked it all and I washed, blanched and put it in freezer bags. Half my day was spent in the kitchen, and DH wondered why I didn't want to cook dinner! LOL... I made him barbecue.

DD is still coughing, but it sounds like it might be loosening up a little. I hope so. She starts art lessons this week, too, besides the fair. My DH did say he'd take her to the fair if I was sick, but the problem with that is he doesn't like to do what she does. He likes the tractor pulls and the big equipment sales and the cows. She likes the horse shows and the art exhibits and the rides. And cotton candy. She gets cotton candy once a year at the fair. Besides, I like to go. So am still taking cold bombs, and washing hands and keeping Lysol with me where ere I go.


RE: DD's store -- I found out yesterday morning that Judy and her mad photoshopping skills are gone for the weekend, so no DD store unveiling. Maybe Monday or Tuesday.


You Are Spirited and Spontaneous

You are an energetic, passionate person. You are quite impulsive, and your passions tend to change with the wind.

You are lively and fun. You like to stay busy with your various adventures.

You are a wanderer and a traveler. You're curious about the world, and it's hard for you to stay still for too long.

You get bored easily and tend to shirk on your responsibilities. You don't want to grow up yet!

I'd have to say that's almost completely incorrect... but the leaf sure is pretty! *G*



Dru said...

I've done that..rebuying books that I've gotten rid of. I look at it as keeping the author in business.

You Are Peaceful and Passive

You are an accommodating, diplomatic person. You know there is good and evil in everyone.

You try to live with things as they are.

You know there's a lot in this world that you can't change, and you're fine with that.

You are a supportive and honest person. You expect people to accept you just as you accept them.

You are willing to take time and let things unfold. You are never in a rush.
This is accurate.

I hope you remain healthy and DH and DD feels better soon.

Have a good Sunday.

Tori Lennox said...

Wow. You really made a killing at the library book sale!

Brandy said...

You get way better deals at your local book sales than we do! You cleaned up at your sale! Awesome!
Your hubs is like that, too? I always make sure the kids get to see what THEY want to see. Hubs? Well, he's bored as we do it, but he's supposed to-he's not a kid! *G*
As for the qiuz, I had the same results as Dru. Which is fine, except I'm rarely NOT in a rush. *G*

I hope you have a nice day!

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Anonymous said...

Woot on new books. Since I got the kindle Im buying my books from my keep-shelves to have on it. Unfortunately quite a few of the books aren't available yet but will keep looking back lol.

Sounds like a full day in the kitchen lol.